Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Snuggle Up For the Holidays

What I love about the holidays is
the fact that everything is about bundling up, staying warm and snuggling with the one that you love. And, that is why I love to have everything soft, snuggly and warm on hand during this time of year. Some great ideas to have around the house during this chilly time of year are gorgeously bright throws in a bold color or a fun print. Throws are an easy way to stay warm and cuddly when watching a movie, reading a book or simply draped around your shoulders as you drink a cup of hot cocoa. And, many throws are not too expensive either, so feel free to buy a coordinating throw for every room in your home. Another item to have on hand during the holidays are scented candles in bright winter and holiday colors, such as dark red, green, white, silver and of course, gold, if you can find it. Scented and colorful candles are perfect for adding a warm glow to your entire home; put them in groups together on your mantle, in the bathroom and just about anywhere you want a nice, warm glow that is also sweet smelling! And, because of the wonderful scented factor, colorful candles will make your whole house start smelling like the holidays as soon as you light them. Pick up some amazing scented candles in spicy cinnamon, sweet vanilla, yummy banana bread, or any other sweet scent that reminds you of the holidays and this time of year. Many of these colorful and scented candles can also be bought for very affordable prices at discount stores, so keep your eyes open and remember to stock up on a ton of them when you do find them at a worthy sale price.

Another item that I always like to keep on hand during this time of year to stay warm is a pair of fur lined snuggly slipper boots. Everywhere you look these days, there are different designs of slipper boots that are full of color and texture and come in all shapes and sizes. I recommend getting a pair that are roomy enough for you to feel comfortable in and hit at least around the calf area of your legs. Slipper boots are one of the most amazingly comfortable things that you can ever slip on your feet and you can also feel snuggly and toasty when wearing them even if the temperature drops outside. So, pick up a pair or a few cute pairs of cuddly slipper boots to wear around your house and you will be cozier than you ever thought possible during this chilly time of year. And, of course, during the holidays, warm drinks are quintessential to have ready for when you need to warm up. The best drinks during the holidays and the winter time is warm apple cider, hot cocoa, hot tea and even yummy coffee drinks that you are able to make at home such as a café latte.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

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  1. The shoes are perfect for Christmas morning and Happy Holidays to you too.