Monday, December 17, 2012

Selecting the Right Pajamas

                Finding comfortable pajamas can be the key to a goodnight sleep, in my point of view anyways. I mean think about it, being comfortable and cozy in bed makes you want to fall asleep! I’m right or I’m I right? But here is the thing, not all pajamas are comfortable. In fact many times we think “oh these pajamas are cute I’m going to buy them.” But are they comfortable? I know many times we buy things because they are cute even if they are nor comfortable, but that should not be the case for pajamas. Pajamas have to be loose and comfortable. Let’s take a look at the different types of pajamas there are.

Sleeping Dresses: If you live in a hot place or have a summer season sleeping dresses are the way to go; they keep you super fresh. But heck you can you can also use these in the winter in you are the type of women who keeps her blankets on throughout the night. These pajamas are very comfortable.

Pajama Set:  There are two different types of pajama sets, the ones that come with a shirt and pants and the ones that come with a shirt and shorts. When purchasing any type of these pajamas you must make sure they are not tight fitting! I mean hey sleeping with tight pants or shorts is not comfortable and sleeping with a tight shirt is very constricting, definitely a no no. If you’re the type of sleeper who takes off her blankets in the middle of the night I would suggest wearing the set that comes with pants and a shirt, that way you still keep cozy throughout the night. Another thing to consider is the material, in the cold moths pajamas made out of polyester are the way to go.

Onesies: Can you believe Onesies are now made for adults!? I find this absolutely awesome and I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these pajamas. Think about it, some of these pajamas cover you from head to foot, keeping you super warm and cozy throughout the night (if you’re the type of women who likes being warm and cozy these are the type of pajamas to buy). Onesies however have their downfalls because of the fact that like jumpsuits every time you have to go to the bathroom you have to take everything off. That however is not a major issue.
                And there you have it ladies. Remember to always choose your pajamas wisely. I know some of you have husbands and want to look good when going to bed, but hey you put effort into looking good every day and going to sleep comfortable in not a crime! So go out there find yourself some comfy pajamas and have a goodnight’s rest. 

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