Thursday, December 20, 2012

Continuing The Holiday Cheer

The holiday season is here! I absolutely love this part of the year. The shopping, the music, the hot chocolate, the tree, the memories, the parties. It is just so fun, festive and full of cheer.
I am a huge advocate of paying it forward. I am by far not rich or possess the most or can obtain everything I could possibly want. However, reflecting on who I am, where I am at, who I have in my life, I can say that I am blessed beyond anything that money can buy. That in itself makes me feel whole and perfectly content and fulfilled with my life. Therefore, to pass the good cheer and feeling, I always try to pay it forward throughout the year, especially during the holiday season!
If you would like to join on this great bandwagon and help spread the cheer and happiness, here are a few great ways to pay it forward this season:
Small Tokens of Happiness: Paying for the next person (or couple of people’s coffee/drink) in the morning is a great but non-expensive way of paying it forward. This is such a small thing to do but it has a way of uplifting someone’s mood knowing that someone took the time to think about them. One coffee at a time. And what is $5 when you know that you can totally turn someone’s day around?
Tis The Tip of The Season: Tipping 50-100% of the bill. 100%? Are you kidding me? Not at all. This is more realistic for those meals that aren’t as expensive however if you’re dishing out $100 for a dinner already, maybe you can afford that 100% tip. We already know people are strap for cash during this season and they are trying to pay it forward by giving their loved ones presents and items they like. The extra change will be sure to help out!
Someone’s Trash Is Someone’s Treasure: If you have items that are just sitting around, why not take those items and donate it to a charity center? Those items, which may be easily replaced by something new or a gift that you will be receiving, can be an excellent gift to someone else who may really treasure it. Every Christmas, my kids know they will be receiving the new “it” toy that they’ve always wanted (even though it’s only been out for 2 months) and last year’s “it” toy becomes a distant memory. So for every Christmas, I have my kids go through the toys that they no longer play with and donate it to a charity. They understand that the toys they no longer use can be someone else’s awesome, most spectacular gift this year.
Saying Thank You to our Servicemen: The people who serve our country (the military, police officers, firemen etc) are not thanked enough for the service they provide. Why not contact a local business and have them cater a lunch for the local fire or police department? I would not recommend just bringing food to the station as this most likely won’t go over too well. However, if you have a legitimate business cater or send the station a gift card for a luncheon, I am sure that your appreciation will be noted.

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