Saturday, December 8, 2012


The holiday season is here and if you haven't started your Christmas shopping yet, you better brace yourself because the crowds are getting crazy. Or... you could just shop online which is obviously the best! That's where you get all the fabulous deals, all the while never having to change out of your pajamas. I know. I'm in love with online shopping, and although it's totally tempting that I continue on, boasting about my love for hair boutiques and things alike, this post is about gifts for the hairy girls. Okay, maybe I should change my wording there because I don't think any of our best friends would be happy to know that we referenced them as, "The hairy one". What we mean, of course, is girls that love hair! You can never go wrong with any of these gifts for your girls that love playing with their hair styles and looks.

Before you think that this gift option is too expensive, you need to indulge in that online shopping that I was talking about. Honestly, the deals are mind blowing! Hair irons are fabulous, whether it's a straightener or a wand, a quality hair iron is a gift that every one of your girl's would die to have.

Serums and styling gels, mousse and hair spray.... these are all products that every girl uses to achieve true beauty. Since we use these kinds of products on a daily basis, you always need a backup, so have your girlfriend's backs this holiday season!

Hey! We all need a little pick me up from time to time, and Sunday's are a worldwide "pamper" day for most of us, so pick up a hair repair kit. I totally recommend the Macadamia Hair Shampoo and Conditioner with the Deep Moisturizing Therapy cream. Love. Love. Love it, and so will your girls!

Honesty, can any girl ever have too many hair accessories? It seems like bobby pins are like socks in the dryer. They simply disappear, and you definitely can never have too many of them. The same goes for hair elastics and cute clips that we all need on a daily basis, whether it be to pin back our hangover hair from a night filled with a little too much Christmas eggnog, or to pin your hair up to curl your hair elegantly for the big year end. Whatever the case may be, there is no girl in the world that can have too many hair accessories.

Gems and jewels, sparkle and shine are so totally haute for hair this holiday season. Pick up some jewelry for your best girls and they'll love how easy it is to transform an everyday look to a red carpet style. Plus, the options are endless with hair bands, hair chains, elastic cuffs and all sorts of fun stuff! Shop around and treat yourself to a few things as well. It'll help you get through the shopping season... as if we need any help though, right?

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