Friday, December 7, 2012

The Wonders of Lipstick


       Did you know that every woman can pull off any color of lipstick if and when she finds the right shade that matches her skin tone? Therefore if you want to try on a new lip color but are scared to because you don't know how it will look on you, take a look at all the different types of shades that come in that particular color. Also keep in mind that different brands carry different shades of color. For this reason it is good to look around and see which color looks the absolute best on you. Now that you know these things, let’s talk about the different ways in which you can make your lips look more vibrant and kissable.

Primer: Alright ladies, just as there is eye primer there is lip primer. I highly suggest wearing primer in order for your lipstick to last longer. Many lipsticks claim they last up to twelve, but as you may already know that doesn’t always occur if you do not wear primer. Several things such as eating and having drinks can get rid of your lipstick. If you do not owe lip primer it is totally fine because instead of using actual primer you can chose to use some of your foundation prior to applying your lipstick. Once you have done this you may choose to add some clear lip gloss for a shiny look (I personally like it better without the lip gloss, but it’s all up you.)
Lip liner: okay, I know it's not as common as it used to be, but I still love lip liner! I think it gives your lips better definition. And hey you don't have to use a red lip liner and a shiny lip gloss, that's old school, get creative, try outlining your lips a dark red and a lighter red in the middle, this gives your lips a plump like look, and adding shiny lip gloss is the killer. It will definitely give you kissable lips, perhaps something to consider when going on a date? ;)

Mix and match: okay if you are trying to get super creative by mixing different types of lipstick to create the ultimate look you should go about it in this way. First apply on your primer and base color; then gradually start applying the other tones of lipstick you are going to use (make sure to mix well or to gradually move from one color to the next, if you are trying to go from dark to light of course). I would suggest working your way from the corners of your mouth inwards. Finally you may decide to add some lip liner for more definition. And for this type of look ladies you need to add lip gloss, it’s a must! 

      Very well ladies these are just a couple of suggestions on things you can try with lipstick. Remember don't be scared to get creative, if you happen to mess up there is always make up remover, it’s no biggie. 

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