Saturday, November 3, 2012

Three Winter Hair Care Tips

The days are becoming chillier, frost is starting to appear on the tips of trees and it's time for us ladies to sharpen up on our hair care tips for this snowy and crispy season that is well upon us. That's right, ladies! With every new season doesn't just come hair trends. You also have to spruce up on your knowledge with haircare tips that also change per season. It really only makes sense, right? With new seasons comes new weather in which our luscious locks have to fight off. Here are the top three winter hair care tips that you'll ever need to know to keep your hair having good days!

Say goodbye to running out of the house with wet, or damp hair. In the summer, you could certainly get away with running errands with your hair damp, letting it dry naturally, but if you do this in the winter, you're not only going to get sick, but your hair is going to freeze, crunch and break right off. Plus, Halloween has passed and appearing like Jack Frost simply isn't a good look, now is it? Stay inside if your hair is wet, and make sure your hair is dry as can be with a hair dryer. If you're worried about the damage from this heat product, opt for a hair dryer that has a cold air flow option to ensure that your hair will be dry, without the intense heat that can sometimes be damaging.

Don't skip out on your weekly deep moisture hair therapy, because your hair seriously needs it during this season. The cold, brisk air can suck all that moisture right out of your hair, leaving it looking frizzy and causing more breakage. Be sure to always give yourself one day out of the week to do a deep hair conditioning treatment to assure that your hair continues to have only luscious locks and nothing dry and dead. Plus, what's cozier than doing a home hair treatment and relaxing by the fire with some hot chocolate on a cold, snowy night?

You have to now how to shower and wash your hair. Okay, I understand that this may seem like an extremely silly tip but bare with me for a moment. During the winter months, it's imperative that you wash your hair regularly. Of course, as like any other season, you don't want to wash your hair every single day because that takes out the natural moisture and oils within your strands that are beneficial to it's health. However, in the summer you can get away with skipping out on a cleanse more so than you can within the winter months because you want to avoid having any extra oils that will leave your hair looking limp and oily, as opposed to in the summer, skipping a few days of shampooing will leave your hair looking full and luscious. With that said, don't use extremely hot water during the winter months, regardless of how tempting it is. The extra temperature change from the water to the air can leave your hair dry and breaking.

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