Friday, November 2, 2012

The Beauty in Olive Oil

Alright ladies, how many of you have Olive Oil lying around your kitchen? I can guarantee most of you said “I do.” Did you know that Olive Oil can be an amazing beauty product if you know how to use it? Before I reveal the secrets about using it as a beauty product I’d like to share something with you that I recently found out. When it comes to cooking plain Olive Oil is good to use, but NOT Extra Olive Oil. The reason for this is that Extra Olive Oil has chemicals that when burned can actually cause Cancer, when they are not burned though they are good for you! (It’s a bit odd how it works but that’s how it is). So ladies please don’t use it in the pan! On to a better note Olive Oil in general is quite the miracle worker in the beauty department. Let me share some of the things you can use it for.

Hair: I bet you many of you ladies think “my hair gets so dry during the cold months and I get split ends so quickly.” Panic no more! Put on a drop or two of Olive Oil in the tips of your hair (make sure to measure carefully, you don’t want to give yourself oily hair!) and comb it out to spread it evenly. 

Moisturizer: If you suffer from dry skin, this is something you definitely want to try.  Moisturize yourself with a bit of Olive Oil ( I’m not telling to you go crazy with it! Just add a bit) or if you like you can even mix a little bit onto your moisturizing cream. This will not only leave your skin hydrated but soft, and who doesn’t appreciate soft skin; and to top it all of it contains vitamin E!

Make up Remover/ Brush Cleanser: I know you’re probably thinking “what the heck I can use Olive Oil to remove my make up?” And yes, yes you can! And that’s not the only thing, you can use it to clean your make up brushes as well (Pimples are definitely something no one likes, and in order to prevent them, our brushes must be cleaned). 

Shaving Product:  This is by far one of my favorite things about Olive Oil; it can be used instead of a shaving cream. This is my personal favorite because my skin gets irritated easily to certain products, so using Olive Oil is the best when it comes to shaving, and it leaves the skin super soft.

    Okay ladies, I dare you to try these things out, they are extremely economic and they give amazing results. And the best part is that you will most likely always find some in your kitchen cupboard!


  1. I'm thinking about buying it to use on my legs and face.

  2. Great! I'll definitely be following you for tips on exercising!