Saturday, November 17, 2012

Three Ways To Turn Your Hair From Generic to Glam

There's nothing worse than rocking a great hair style, only to leave a big, honking hair elastic staring down at everyone that tries to admire your amazing style. Hair elastics suck. It doesn't matter if you buy some from the dollar store, the department store or a luxurious brand boutique, they all fall into the same category of hair accessories that totally take away from the look that you have created. Just take a look at the next red carpet. You will certainly notice how many celebrities don't have their hair elastic showing, and why is that you ask? Well, duh! Because hair elastics suck! Now, I understand that we don't all have the luxury of having a professional hair stylist come into our homes to perfect our hair to resemble something off of the red carpet that we all adore, so instead, I am going to provide the three easiest ways for you to take your hair style to the next level, just by covering up your hair elastic.

Your simply, took-two-seconds-to-do ponytail can go from generic to glam with one quick twist of hair around your elastic band. This is a personal favourite of mine because it's so quick to create and looks like something you'd only see on the front page of fabulous magazine. Once your hair is in your ponytail, (take a strand preferably from the bottom), and wrap it up and around your hair elastic. Secure with bobby pins and hair spray the heck out of it so it stays. You can play around with different amounts of hair that you use, as well as different textures such as braids and twists. There are a variety of ways to switch this little wrap around into something fabulous for all the events taking up your agenda.

The second way to take your hair from a generic style to something of pure glamour is with a tuck under. I like to do these for ponytails to the side, as well as any kind of love style or bun and certainly you will learn to love it as well! Pull your hair back into a low ponytail, and be sure to keep it somewhat loose. Separate your hair above the hair elastic, so your hair appears to have a hole in it. Bring your ponytail up, and through that very hole, and pull it down and out under it. Tighten it up with a quick squeeze and your nape neck style has taken on a whole new appeal.

The third way that you can cover up that ugly hair elastic that is taking away from your swag is with a hair cuff. Hair jewelry is super trendy for this season and it can be the perfect accent to your up do to take your hair style from day to night. Add a little sparkle and shine, while covering up that ugly matte elastic!

Now, these are only three of the easiest ways that you can cover up your ponytail elastic to make your look chic and fabulous! Experiment and see if you can find any new ways!

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