Friday, November 16, 2012

The Break


        Have you ever been in a relationship in where your boyfriend suggests going on a break? And then wondered why is he asking me for this break, what's going on? And then you've thought "yeah our relationship has been a little rocky at times but we shouldn't be going on a break, that's not working out our issues." Well unfortunately there are numerous factors why a guy would ask you to go on a break; some may be for selfish reasons while others may be to ponder on some thoughts. If he really needs a break and you're willing to give him one here are things you should do and consider.

Ground Rules: State what you both expect out of this break, how long are you guys planning on going on this break? (Make sure you both agree on the duration). You also want to make sure that just because you're going on a break it doesn't give him the right to go out and test the waters (same goes for you of course). If this is his excuse for wanting a break, say bye bye. You need a guy to treat you right and you as a woman need to give yourself your place!


Where Does Your Relationship Stand? Over the past little while how have you and your boyfriend gone about things? Have you guys been fair to each other? If you really love and care for one another but are having a hard time understanding each other's points of views, sometime apart is good. It will give you both a chance to focus on different things, to analyze yourself and then think on what you can do differently to strengthen your relationship.  The saying "Absence makes the heart grow fonder" is actually very true when you have spent time away from your significant other.

Party it Up With Your Girls:
Ladies go have fun with your girlfriends it's a necessity! Don't let your boyfriend part you from them.  It’s good to balance things out, that's the key to a good relationship. You don't want your boyfriend to be the only person you spend time with. In other words don’t make him the centre of your world, this could lead him to feel suffocated; boys will be boys and it’s in their nature to be afraid of commitment. Your girls on the other hand have always been there for you, so make sure you’re always there for them too! Make the time; balance, balance, balance.

        Okay ladies, these are just some tips on how to deal with a “break” and things you can do during the “break”. But truthfully many things can happen during this time. You may all of the sudden realize that you are happier without him and that you have been missing out on other things, or you may realize that he is your ideal guy and you want do whatever it takes to make your relationship work. In the end the break will help you see things in a way you would have never seen otherwise. It will reveal how you both feel about each other and whether the relationship is worth another shot.


  1. When I guy asks a girlfriend to go on a break, that is the code for, "I want to sleep with other women". You tips are on the money. Don't sit around and wait on him, continue to live your life. This comes from someone who has been married for 21 years.

  2. "Continue to live your life" Ah yes, words of wisdom. :) Thanks for sharing that with us!