Monday, November 19, 2012

Party Outfits for the Winter Months


         Have you ever gone to a party and wore a dress during the winter months and then thought why the heck did I wear a dress during this weather? I'm freezing cold. I know I most certainly have, and it's not a pleasant experience, not to mention that dresses are not always that comfortable (in the sense that most of the time you have wear the nice high open-toe shoes, which most often than not will kill your feet by the end of the night).Being cold and in pain is a no go! Therefore I thought I would share with you some possible party outfits for the winter.
Jumpsuits:  I'll be completely honest with you, it's annoying to go to the bathroom in one of these (that’s the only bad thing, other than that they are great) but I can guarantee you, you won't suffer from the cold. If you decide to wear a jumpsuit but you don’t think it’s warm because it’s made out of thing material you can choose to wear nylons underneath for excess warmth.  As for shoes you can wear close toe shoes, flats, even boots, all depending on the structure of the jumpsuit of course. You can even style some jumpsuits with blazers and Jewelry.
Leggings/ Jeans/ High Waits Pants
: Okay, how many times have I talked about leggings? They are amazing! Again to make them extra cozy you can wear nylons underneath. And since you'll be going to an event you can just throw on a nice summery shirt with a cardigan or blazer, and top off the look by adding high heel boots and jewelry. With jeans you can do exactly the same thing except that if you do decide to wear jeans I suggest wearing dark ones, they will look much better, believe me dark jeans work wonders. Another thing you can consider is wearing high waits pants with a pretty long sleeve top, or a nice summery top with a blazer.
Winter dresses: Alright, alright I lied, you can technically wear a dress, but why choose a summery dress in were you know you will completely freeze? That’s why I suggest wearing a winter dress! Like I’ve said before winter dresses can be styled in different ways, you can even add leggings, and if it’s really, really, really cold out you can even add the nylons underneath the leggings! Finally to finish off the look, throw on some high heel boots, maybe a cardigan (depending on the dress)and girl you’re set to party.

        Very well, these are some suggestions for you ladies; something to perhaps consider now that the holidays are coming up and the weather keeps getting colder and colder.And hey it's a good time to shop for any of these items, now that everything is going on sale for Xmas. Remember it’s not worth to sacrifice getting sick just to look good, when you will look just as good in any of the outfits I just mentioned.

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