Tuesday, November 20, 2012

How Belts Make it Better!

These days, everywhere you look; you will see amazing belts of all types. You will see belts of different shapes, different colors and different sizes. And, this great influx of belts is because utilizing belts in your wardrobe are the easiest and quickest way to add some style and panache to an otherwise basic outfit. Especially with the colder months approaching, belts are increasingly important in interjecting femininity within anyone’s outfit.

The best type of belt to coordinate with a specific outfit can sometimes be tough. In terms of casual clothing, meaning jeans and a casual t-shirt or cargo pants, it is best to go with a brown or tan colored leather belt. Usually, it looks better when the belt is about 1 ½ inches to 2 inches in width. The belt that you wear with jeans or cargo pants should fit within the loops on your pants. The belt should not be stuffed in to the loops, nor should it be a skinny belt swimming in the loops. The great thing about a brown or tan colored leather belt is the ability to wear the belt with an array of different colors and shades. Brown or tan goes with every color under the sun and a brown or tan belt also looks amazing if you choose to wear brown to tan boots for a cool fall or winter outfit.

The second type of belt that is cute for a variety of styles is the stretchy wide belt. This type of belt can be any color, but it is most commonly seen in black. This type of belt looks great when worn over a long shirt and either skinny jeans or leggings. This look is both modern and trendy and great for the fall and winter months. A stretchy belt looks great when paired over a chambray button down shirt or even a thin sweater. Either way, a skinny belt adds a curve to the body and cinches in the waist exactly in the area that is most flattering to the body. A stretchy belt is also extremely comfortable to wear since the material stretches with you. So, you won’t feel uncomfortable wearing a stretchy belt. And, because of the wide width of a stretchy belt, it creates a clean line over clothing creating the right type of silhouette. Some adorable stretchy belts even come with a bow in the front or other embellishments.

The last type of great belt to invest in would be a low slung belt that just hits the hips. These low slung belts can be made of leather, material or metal. The idea of a low slung belt is that it adds a certain sex appeal to any outfit. Since the belt is slung low on the hips, it looks great when worn with any form fitting top and bottom. Try wearing a low slung belt with leggings and a tunic with a jacket over it and a pair of really high heels. You will be ready for a night out on the town.

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