Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Pretty Bun

One of the cutest hairstyles that are currently on-trend and being worn by ladies everywhere is the bun. The bun is a simple hairstyle that can be worn a variety of ways.

Firstly, there is the tight bun that is reminiscent of ballet dancers. This type of bun looks amazing when going out for a night out on the town. Wear some sparkling dangly earrings and a strapless dress and you are good to go. The tight bun looks very sleek and sophisticated ala Jennifer Lopez. Although the tight bun looks great on a variety of individuals, it also could have the appearance of looking severe, so make sure you pair a tight bun with a feminine ensemble and some jewelry.

The next type of bun that looks amazing is the messy bun. This bun is seen all over the place these days and although it does look messy, that is the point of the bun and looks great when paired with coordinating outfits. The messy bun looks perfect when paired with a slouchy sweater, leggings and a pair of boots. Since the look is relaxed and easygoing, the outfit should be as well. The messy bun also looks great with jeans and a leather jacket and some booties, this outfit is great for fall shopping or sightseeing.

Another great type of bun is the newest craze, the sock bun. This type of bun is achieved through using any average tube sock. There are many tutorials on how to do this type of bun, but in a nutshell, you get a tube sock, cut the toe part off and roll the sock into itself. You then roll all of your hair onto the sock that has been rolled onto it until you reach your head. You finish the sock bun with some hairspray and pin it if it seems to be falling or loose. The sock bun looks amazing with practically any type of ensemble. Everything from formal attire to a night out on the town to a simple day at work, the sock bun is universal. There are also makeshift sock bun tools that you can find that create the same type of bun on the top of the head. The sock bun looks current and very fresh and that is the best part of it. It also elongates the neck and creates a soft look for the face. Pair the sock bun with diamond studs to highlight the gorgeous shiny bun on top of your head. 

The great thing about buns is the fact that anyone is able to change them up as they please. There is a bun that is universal to everyone, but the trick is trying out different types and going with the right one that fits your look and facial structure. And, different buns go better with different outfits, so feel free to change them up. With any bun, make sure to have hairspray on hand to get rid of flyaways as well as bobby pins to pin areas in place. 

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