Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday Sale!! Shop till you Drop!

We (Flat Iron Experts) are having a Black Friday Sale on this Friday!  It's a 2 Day only event so browse around for orders over $100.

The best part about our site is that since the Holiday is coming up (Christmas) we decided to throw in an extra page for all you online shoppers out there who are troubles deciding on what to purchase for that special someone. 

If you are that someone looking for gifts or simply just online shopping, it's listed as "Holiday Guide 2012." Feel free to browse around our site as it is on the very top left of our category list (Flat Iron Brands:) Start your holiday right!

If you cannot decide on what to buy, we do have our
top 3 products for whatever it is you're looking for. We have broken it down to different categories for you so therefore, searching WILL be easier this time around. It is simply located on the front of our Flat Iron Experts home page.

But remember, in order to qualify for our Black Friday Sale, orders have to be over $100! Be sure to look at the "Sale Ends" located on the Flat Iron Experts banner because the clock is ticking and the sale does and will end in 2 days. 

However, there are steps in order to proceed with your discount.  There is a coupon code that you would have to enter in! If you're wondering, what exactly is that coupon code? Well here it is ladies and gentlemen:

Thank you for shopping with Flat Iron Experts!!!!!

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