Saturday, November 24, 2012

Get The Pompadour Look Without the Jersey Shore

Lately, I have come across a lot of people rocking the pompadour, and correct me if I'm wrong, but I totally thought this was, "like so totally two years ago!" Am I wrong, or am I just totally out of the loop? Did this little poof on the top of our heads suddenly come back into the hair style trend zone, or did it never leave? My, oh my, I have no idea how I couldn't have noticed what was going on with this rather daring and edgy hair style that you certainly couldn't miss if it walked right past you. Regardless of what happened to the pompadour... or what happened to me, rather, it looks like it's here for this season. Whether it be a bump with our bangs, or a bump at our crown, the pompadour provides an iconic appeal that compliments the big and tasteful personality that all of us beauty's thrive on. So what is the proper height of a pompadour to ensure that you don't look like Snookie but aren't sinking with dead flat hair?

Certainly we've all been there, where we've spotted someone who got a little crazy with their teasing comb and pompadour-proof hairspray and no one ever wants to be that girl, right? After taking a long look at a lot of the popping up poofy styles, I started to notice a trend amongst the hottest celebrities out there, and no... that doesn't include Snookie. It seems that the Hollywood hair stylists' choice of height when implementing a little pompadour love into a look is anywhere from two to three inches high, which I think is a very good range to stick between. If it's under two inches, it may just look like you're hair isn't totally flat, but pretty darn close, and if it's higher than two inches, well... relax on the teasing comb, lady. Ashlee Simpson displays a perfect height of a pompadour in this picture and could be the perfect example of what your pompadour look should look like. It's not too high and doesn't resemble someone off of the Jersey Shore (ahem ahem!) and it's definitely not too shy and minimalistic for her personality, and style.

So whether you're wanting to pull all your locks into a big poof, or just add a little bump to your bangs or at the crown of your ponytail, you can now do so, perfect to Hollywood hair stylist recommendations. Stick between two and three inches high to ensure that you are rocking a little bounce to your step, while making sure that you won't fly away like a kite if the wind hits your hair in a certain spot. Be sure to play around with different ways to implement the pompadour style because the options are endless. This is a daring, and confident look for the babes ready to take on a little big of a challenge.... but not that big of one.

P.S. Can we just take a moment and idolize how Ashlee Simpson rocked her accessories in this outfit? She's a total babe! A pompadoured babe, at that!

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