Tuesday, October 2, 2012

October is Here: Hairstyles for Fall 2012

Fall is that time of year when fashion gets away from the bright pinks and blues, and brings in more subtle tones. Browns, blacks, and whites become more apparent along with darker blues and greens. Along with the changes of colors in fashion, women will change their hair to go along with these trends. Here are some looks that are going to be popular for the Fall 2012 season.

Straight Cuts
Straight cuts are becoming increasingly popular this season. Combining this look with longer fringe bangs is also becoming a trend. This is a simple hairstyle to keep up with if you go for a shoulder length style, but the bangs will need constant trimming as to not outgrow the style. Blunt bangs are also an option if you do not want to get a trim quite as often; however, women with thick hair might want to avoid this as it does not have the same style but is actually poufier.

Neat & Even Cuts

Simple hair styles are very popular this fall. With women being constantly being on the go, either attending classes or work having something stylish but quick to fix is a perk. Flat strands that can be parted back into a low ponytail or even just to be long enough to tuck behind the ear are ideal. Having an even cut all the way around makes it much easier to pull hair off the face and avoid loose strands..

Ombre Hairstyles

The best way to achieve one of these looks is to use a straightening serum. After running a straight iron through the hair, it can be sleekly parted to one side or even in the middle and then pulled back off the face. Letting the hair go down in the front before being pulled into a ponytail or barrette is idea as it does not give off a tight appearance but still remains neat.

With fall just around the corner, ombre hairstyles are growing in popularity. It seems more and more celebrities are going this route. This hairstyle is simply having the roots darker than the bottom of the hair. Some women like to slowly lighten the color as they work down, and others like the ends of their hair to have that beach sun-stripped look.

The most important thing about getting this style done is to make sure your stylist knows what they are doing, or it could be a train wreck. Some like to only keep the roots dark, but the best looks appear natural and not like it has been a while since your last salon visit.

Short Bobs

The bob is coming back in all forms this season, but none more pronounced probably than the 60s hair bob. This style is adorable and fits almost all faces. The long length in the front combined with the bouffant style in the back works with casual and dressy outfits. Pins, barrettes, and headbands or scarves also make this look absolutely stunning. Anyone with a little 60s flare can really set this look off.

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