Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Craze of Top Knots: Tutorial!

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Top knots are super hot for this fall and they never seem to go out of style. Celebrities all over Hollywood love rocking this chic hairstyle, whether they're running errands and making the sidewalk their runway, or walking the red carpet at some of the hottest events worldwide. However, you don't need the lights, camera and action to achieve this playful and flirty look, nor do you need to break the bank at a hair salon. With a few simple tips and tricks, you'll be rocking a top bun like you own it.

First, you need to get your hair tied back into a slick ponytail. Of course, you can always leave some pieces hanging down for a more relaxed look.

Once you have your hair tied back into a ponytail, divide it into two parts and start to separated wrap each around the elastic band that is currently holding your hair into a pony tail. Feel free to get creative with the wrapping! Braids and twists would be fabulous elements to this hairstyle.

Secure each section that you have wrapped around your elastic band with some bobby pins. Try to intertwine the pins into the actual base of the ponytail for a better hold.

Now, that is the basic top knot bun that you can achieve, and once you have that down pat, it's most certainly time for you to indulge in your inner creative side and see what else you can pull off. As mentioned, twists and braids are always trendy tweaks that you can imply into any hair style. They're also super easy to achieve to add a little more personality into your look.

Another great option would be to twist the separated pieces in opposite directions. Your hair will fold into the top knot bun differently, and with this hair style being so trendy, it can't hurt to add a little spin and look different! If you really trust your talents and bobby pins, try to separate the ponytail into three or four pieces instead of the original two in the basic tutorial above. This will provide volume and texture and surely, the unique look that you're craving.

Celebrities from Kate Bosworth, Sienna Miller, Nicole Richie and Whitney Port are some of Hollywood's hottest stars that are often spotted rocking this fabulous little hair style. Now, you can look just as marvelous and achieve the top bun look without the salon and all of the hassle that most hair tutorials bring! All you need to know is the basic top knot bun tutorial and from there, you'll be able to implement different elements into your hair to achieve the look that you want.  Are you lacking some inspiration? Scan over some of the hottest Hollywood stars versions of the top knot and see if you can make the tweaks necessary to get the same look. And well, if you do - don't forget to give us a little shout and tutorial at the Flat Iron Experts blog, okay?

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