Thursday, September 13, 2012

What Dieting Really Means

In today’s society where we are bombarded with images of thin, very thin and extremely thin celebrities and models, we pressure ourselves to look a certain way and to change the number on that darn scale. This pressure to be a certain way has caused many people to diet, but not diet in the correct definition and form that it should be.
The term diet has warped dramatically from its intention. Diets today mean consuming only 800 calories per day whereas the minimum recommended caloric intake should be no less than 1200 calories; drinking several glasses of water before consuming any food and then finding themselves too full to eat; eating a pill containing tapeworm eggs that will later hatch and consume food within the intestines; or chewing the same lump of food for minutes and then spitting it out. These, and many others, are unhealthy and not recommended methods to diet.

Many people live by the number of calories they consume. While keeping track of what you are eating and how much calories you consume is smart, calorie counting can only help so much. Maintain these smart methods for trimming your waistline while consuming your daily nutrition to stay healthy.

Watch What You Drink
The easiest way to help lower your calorie and sugar intake is to reduce the amount of soda and sugars that you drink. While coffee can be beneficial for your body, the amount of sugars, creams, extra whip cream and caramel that we add only increase the amount of unhealthy items we consume. Attempt to limit this amount and replace these drinks with water. Tip #1: Purchase a 20oz water bottle with straw and refill, refill, refill. If you keep this at your desk, you will find yourself sipping at that water bottle rather than that soda can.

Replace Some Sugary Foods
Chocolate is actually healthy for you, although in moderation. A few pieces of chocolate a day is good for the body. However, when you feel the need to snack and you’re feeling low on sugar, fill it with your favorite fruit. Fruits are filled with natural sugars that will help ease that sugar craving while still providing you with beneficial vitamins and nutrients. Win win for everyone involved!!! Tip #2: Fruits and vegetables (even popcorn) are also a great snack between meals. Rather than letting your stomach grumble and ache until the next meal (therefore lowering your metabolic rate), snack on some healthy choices.

Be Active
After a long day of work, maybe you have kids and on top of that you have to make dinner, exercise is the last thing on your mind. If you can manage to be active everyday, all power to you. For those who cannot dedicate that much time, try to be active at least 30 minutes for 3 times a week. Active includes cleaning, walking, running, yoga, chasing the kids, playing catch, anything! Try to find that activity that is enjoyable. Tip #3: Invite a friend! A friend will help make you accountable to that yoga class that you really don’t want to go to but end up feeling great after!

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