Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Hairstyles That Take 15 Minutes or Less

Every woman wants to look fabulous every time she walks out her door. That is why so many of us have our morning rituals that must be performed so we look our absolute best. A good portion of that routine is spent styling our hair so every strand is where we want it – intentionally in or out of place. Sometimes, however, we wake up on the wrong foot. When these mornings hit, we either do not have the time or patience to deal with styling our hair. That is why every woman needs her own go-to hairstyles for when these dayshappen.

Every woman has them when she wakes up so work with them. Add some hairspray to a vent brush (has openings), take a portion of the hair on top of your head and tease it a bit. After you have done this pull it over to side for a sweeping look. To keep it pulled out of your face, add a clip or barrette for extra style. Take some texturizing gel or wax and run it through the rest of the hair with a boar bristle brush. Add a light amount of hairspray when finished.
Messy Curls
Women with medium to long hair can try this one out. First, flip your hair over, spritz a little hairspray underneath your hair, flip back over, and do the same thing to the top. Use your fingers to tousle your hair a bit before the hairspray dries. Next, secure the front of your hair out of the way so you can style what is underneath. Now, preferably with a one inch curling iron make curls in your hair by turning the curling iron away from your face. Section your hair to make a messier look. Do not add the ends in the curling iron. Take the secured hair down, do the same thing here. Then pull hair from each side of your part to the back of your head and secure with bobby pins.

Loose Braids and Buns
The always quick save the day hairstyles are the classics. Try a French braid, but do not worry about having the braid tight. Messy is actually a popular look. The loose braid should only take a couple of minutes, and you can finish it off by leaving some loose strands around your face.Buns take seconds to do. Pull your hair back into a loose ponytail, wherever you would like the bun to go. Then twist the hair and wrap it around the ponytail. Use bobby pins to secure it in place.
The Ponytail
The ponytail is always the quickest and most effective hairstyle for women, who have little time to worry about their hair. A couple of minutes can add a whole new level of elegance to this favorite. One, try leaving a strand of hair loose in the back, and then wrap this around the ponytail. Finish it off with a bobby pin underneath to keep it in place. Two, try adding a part to the front of the hair – either side swept or parted down the middle. It is sure to make an old look seem refreshed.

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