Friday, September 14, 2012

Tattoed Make Up


                Okay, believe it or not, it wasn’t too long ago that I found out that some women get make up tattooed on their face! I was really surprised and to be completely honest a little skeptical. I mean picturing needles coming in and out of my face, doesn’t sound at all pleasant. On the other hand, not having to worry about putting on eyeliner every morning does. What’s your opinion, would you ever consider getting your make up tattooed?  One of the closest people in my life (my mother) got her eyebrows tattooed (I should mention though that she didn’t have much hair on her eyebrows.) That day I went with her and I had a little bit of a panic because I wasn’t sure what to expect. However, when her eyebrows had healed the results looked really good. She now never has to worry about doing her eyebrows. If you have considered getting your make up tattooed let me shed some light on things you may want keep in mind.

Be sure a 100% sure on what you want done: Like any other tattoo you want to be sure on what will appear on your skin. Eyeliner and lip liner would be big things to consider (Do I wear eyeliner/lip liner every day?...What is my day to day look?) If you answered no to wearing eyeliner/ lip liner every day, then I would suggest not getting it. If you want to get your eyebrows done that’s a little different. The eyebrows are the shape of the face and for the most part women just pencil them in. Therefore getting them done wouldn’t be so drastic.

Where to get your make up done: This is the second most important thing to consider. Who is going be the person working on your face? Remember this is a delicate job and you don’t want anyone trying something new on your face. Do your research; make sure the place is clean. Don’t go to a certain place because it’s cheap, it’s your face we are talking about (Everyone will see it.)

Healing process: Okay, I warned you it was like any other tattoo. You are going to have to be willing to go out in public with a scab while it’s healing. It won’t last long but you will still have to put up with it (it won’t be pretty, and you may freak out, but don’t worry!) Remember the saying ladies… beauty requires sacrifices, so true.

Re-touch: With time the tattoo you get will start losing its color and you will have to go for a retouch. On average people who get their make up tattooed go every 5-7 years. Just please don’t wait until your tattoo looks green/blue to go back. … It will for sure look unappealing.   

               Aright ladies these are the thing you should keep in mind. But always remember this; if you are happy with your image and would never change it or if you want to enhance your beauty by tattooing make up on, so be it. At the end of the day you have to be happy with your own reflection.

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