Friday, September 28, 2012

Types of Watches to Personalize Your Outfit!

               Okay let’s be honest ladies, how many of us today still use a watch? If you are not sure, watches are those things that go around your wrist, like a bracelet and tell you the time! I admit I just carry around my cell phone to check the time and for the most part find no need of a watch. However when my phone dies on me it’s brutal, especially when I’m trying to make it to my destination and I’m running late! (It’s the worst feeling.)  In recent times that I have gone to the mall I have noticed that there are very cute and styling accessories that serve the purpose of a watch. So if you are like me and don’t like using a watch here are a couple of things you can buy to help you style your look and tell you the time.

 Lockets, One of my old time favorite things; they are coming back (woooh, *happy dance*), with a watch inside them. These types of necklaces are super stylish; you can wear them with sweater dresses, plain shirts, and even some formal dresses. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

 Alright, let’s be honest, what girl doesn’t like a big styling ring hugging her finger? These types of watches have fascinated me. Who came up with such a brilliant idea? They are super comfortable and you can wear with literally anything (they are very convenient to keep in your jewelry box.) 

 A bracelet is like a watch but much prettier and less chunky than the majority of watches. Personally I like bracelets a lot more because they give a woman a more delicate look (but that’s just me.)  Now I know people don’t always wear bracelets but these watches look really good when going to a semi-formal or formal event. 

Key chains
 Okay, I know that key chains are not things you wear but they are items which you accessorize your keys with. Therefore you can buy key chains that have watches embedded in them.  And since you carry your keys around all the time you will always be aware of the time. 

                Alright, these are just some new ideas that have evolved from the original watch. Try them out and see how you like them. And don’t worry you if you don’t know where to buy these accessories, you can find them at any and best of all they are super affordable :)  

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