Friday, September 7, 2012

Sweater Dresses


 Now that summer is at its peaks end it is time for us women to have our wardrobe ready for fall. One my favorite things to wear during the fall season are sweater dresses. These dresses are cozy, comfortable, warm, and trendy. Best of all they can be styled in several different ways depending on the material and the occasion. Here are a couple of suggestions on how to style these dresses.

Cotton Sweater Dresses

Tights/legging: Whether the dress is a little loose or tight fitting it will look wonderful with black or skin tone tights. Sometimes if the dress is above the knee it will also look well with leggings.

Scarfs: Cotton sweater dresses are not as cozy as wool ones. However throwing on a stylish scarf will not only keep you a bit cozier but it will also give your outfit more POW (especially if the dress is plain.)

Blazers/ cardigan: If your cotton sweater dress is tight or slight baggy it will look fantastic with a blazer or a light cardigan.  

Wool Sweater Dresses

Tights: With these types of dresses tights can also be worn, legging on the on the other hand not so much. The reason for this is because wool on its own can make us look a little bulky and leggings would just add more bulkiness to our figure (if the dress is short and not too thick than maybe leggings would look okay.)

Belts: Alright, with slim tight wool dresses I definitely suggest wearing a belt because as mentioned before wool can make us look a little bulky. Therefore by adding a belt more definition is given to the body.

Jewelry: Many times wool dresses have turtlenecks and scarfs can’t be added as an extra accessory. Luckily there are tons of long styling necklaces available that would look just as good. You can also add more style to the dress by adding a bracelet or two to each wrist (I personally like adding those Cleopatra type bracelets on each wrist.)

Shoes + Sweater Dresses

The best part about owning sweater dresses is that they can be worn with many different types of shoes. From flats to booties, to long boots, to long high heel boots, to pumps, to wedges, the list goes on!

-Okay, that is that. I hope I was able to give you some insight on how to play around and style these dresses. Remember it’s all about trying things out and seeing how they work together.

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