Saturday, September 8, 2012

Fall 2012 Hair Trends

With September already here (I know! It's unbelievable) it's time for us ladies to get in touch with the new hair trends that the fall season is about to throw on us. Just because the weather is dark and droopy doesn't mean that our hair styles have to be! Here are the top hair trends for the Fall 2012 season that can be easily accomplished in your bathroom at home!

Of course, we need to start with a staple that never leaves the hair style trends lists no matter the century. You guessed it, the pony tail! It's the easiest of the bunch and with a few changes, you can adopt the fall style in no time. This fall's pony tail is all about precision. To achieve this look perfectly, become a perfectionist! It's all about pulling your hair back into a sleek and frizz-free, simply chic pony tail. Want to know the trick of the trade? Use a great serum!

Although many may beg to differ, it's not go big or go home when it comes to your locks for fall. Designers styled their models in a low-key, natural hair style, which is truly perfect for fall. The fall wind almost always messes up your hair throughout the day, so how amazing is a trend that lets you just roll with it? Give your hair a break and put that teasing comb in a drawer for this season because you won't be needed it anytime soon.

I can't believe that these words are about to come out of my mouth, but it looks like the braid hair trend has finally died out. I know, it's shocking! Braids have been the "it" factor for hair trends for seasons upon seasons, but it's time to retire this look. Instead, there's an easier alternative! Rock a twist as opposed to a braid. Has your go-to hair look been the braided bangs for the past year? Achieve the same look, and keep up with the trends by twisting your bangs back instead of braiding it. All you really have to do is switch what you would have usually braided, to a twist. Pretty simple, right?

Lastly, it's time to bling out your hair accessories! Whether you're rocking a gem-infested hair clip, or a head band with a large, sparkly medallion, it's all about adding jewelry into your hair style! This is a great trend and a favourite of many designers because it gives you the option to express your interests and personality in a whole new way. Plus, if you're a little do-it-yourself diva, these hair accessories are simple to make and let you indulge in your creative side.

The hair trends of fall seem to be natural and simply chic which is absolutely perfect because no one wants to spend hours on end in the salon trying to get the latest and greatest look. This fall we can save time and money by achieving this fabulously fresh fall hair styles in our very own bathrooms. Pretty fabulous, I know.

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  1. I've noticed braids going by the wayside too, and the twist is a nice replacement!