Thursday, September 6, 2012

At A Loss In Dealing With Hair Loss

Hair loss can be an embarrassing event in our lives. Some people are just blessed with that full head of healthy, thick hair since birth. Others may not be so blessed and have to find ways to help thicken and enhance our not so luxurious head of hair.

What Makes Us So Different From Our Blessed Friends
Hormonal Changes: When hormonal levels shifts drastically and are not balanced, hair loss can be an effect of this fluctuation. Events in our lives such as pregnancy highly influence our hormonal level. While pregnant, women may notice that the amount of hair that is lost decreases. This is because the high levels of certain hormones inhibit hair loss. However, after these hormones drop after pregnancy, women will notice that hair loss will begin again or increase due to the rapid drop of hormones within our system.
Major Surgery or Illness: The stress levels in our body rise as we undergo surgery or are plagued with an illness. It is this stress that causes hair loss. While most illnesses are temporary, an excessive amount of hair loss can be a symptom to more serious diseases such as lupus or diabetes. While some hair loss is normal, excessive amounts is a huge poke in the rib telling you to call a doctor for a check up. Better safe and prepared!
Hereditary: Unfortunately, our genes are something we cannot control. Hair loss can be hereditary and simply passed down from generation to generation. To help your children, maybe you should mate, I mean date, someone who is hairy and has an abundance of hairy family members?
Daily Habits: If you apply extreme stress to your hair follicles such as too tight hair bands, pigtails, cornrows or hair rollers, you are likely to experience hair loss. This is due to traction alopecia where the excessive stress on hair follicles causes scarring on the scalp. The scarring on the scalp causes permanent hair loss.

Hair Loss Options
First you want to go to your doctor if the amount of hair loss is very large. Just check off your list that an underlying disease isn’t the root of the problem. If your symptoms aren’t the cause of a serious illness, there are some available products out there that will slow down or even prevent further extreme hair loss. If the cause of your hair loss is due to hormonal balances, illnesses or medication, work with your doctor to find a balance between what you are taking. If it is a temporary illness or medication, you will have to tough it out. Better to be healthy and deal with the hair loss problem later than delay your healthy just for an attempt to look good. There are medicines that are available without a prescription called Minoxidil, which is also known as Rogaine. Rogaine is available for men and women. Make sure that the medication you are using is appropriate for women.

Hair Loss Options That Other People Can’t Pull Off
Wigs. Yeah sure anyone can wear wigs but with all that hair in the way, wigs are prone to slippage and showing off their natural hair. The great thing about thinning hair is that you get to change up your hairstyle everyday without the damage to your scalp and without the hassle of having to style it every day! There are so many cool and beautiful wigs available from the edgy red, green or purple colored wigs, to the more natural hued wigs with lovely styling.

Look at it this way, you are who you are. Haven’t I been preaching that this entire time? Work with what you got and find the best ways to highlight who you are! If you have lost most of your hair, wear a wig! Or own it and go bald! Hair just gets in the way anyway and hides our facial features. Love everything you are, no matter what comes your way.

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