Friday, September 21, 2012

Signs of Infidelity


                Okay ladies, let’s be honest, being committed to someone is not always easy. Relationships have their ups and downs. However there is a golden rule that should never be broken! And that’s faithfulness. Never ever forget it. Regardless of the situation or hardship your relationship may be going through; it is never okay to allow a guy to hurt you, just as it is not okay for you to play around and hurt him. Most of the time women are blinded by love and don’t realize that their man is playing them, or other times women know that their man is cheating but they just hope and pray that their man will soon come to his senses. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes a man realizes what he may loose and  does comes to his senses. But whether or not to give him another chance would be a complete personal decision. Now I know you're probably wondering how would I be able to tell if my boyfriend/husband is cheating on me? Here are a couple of eye openers.

Another woman’s things: Smelling another woman’s perfume on him, finding lipstick smothered on him or his shirts… or finding something feminine in his car that doesn’t belong to you (this one by far being the biggest eye opener!)

Surprising business trips or work activities: Yes I understand that sometimes business trips or work related activities do pop up, that’s normal. However having them pop up on a weekly basis seems kind of sketchy, especially when these occurrences happen within less than 24 hours.

Dressing to Impress: If all of the sudden your man starts dressing up, putting on lots of cologne every time he goes out (without you), he might just be trying to impress someone else! Let’s us not be fooled ladies. 

Commitment and resolution: It is always important to see how committed your man is to you and the relationship. If you feel like you’re the only one trying to work past your issues and he is not trying, it may be because he wants out (most likely because he has someone else.) Always keep in mind that it takes two people to make a relationship work and one to mess it all up. 

                Alright, these are just a couple of signs to be aware of if you feel like your man is not being completely honest or truthful to you. If you are currently going through this situation, stay strong, and make sure you put yourself first (in other words, state your ground; especially if you decide to give him another shot!) Now if you have an amazing man by your side make sure you show him how much you love him, sometimes reassurance is necessary. 

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