Saturday, September 22, 2012

How to Choose a Salon for You

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There are several things that you want to pay attention when trying to decide whether a certain salon is the perfect option for you. Unfortunately, finding that ultimate spot to get your hair done can be absolutely dreadful, but it's important that you know that the process doesn't have to be trial and error. Who wants to go to salons in hopes that they don't mess up their hair, right? Take the error part of the "trial and error" process and follow these tips on decided whether or not that salon is going to deliver... before they start taking the scissors to your head.

First and foremost, do judge a book by it's cover - but only when it comes to a bad appearance. If there is dirt and hair flying all over that salon, you can be certain that the hair salon isn't the most sanitary. Appearance is everything - that's why you go to a hair salon after all, right? If there's anything that is not perfect in that hair salon, walk right out of that door that you just came in through. You are allowed to be picky. It's your hair! As mentioned, do not judge the salon by it's appearance if it's nice, because unfortunately, ritzy, glamorous salons doesn't mean that they have talented hair artists. This is when the next tip can really make or break that classy salon appearance.

If you walk into a salon and everything seems perfect, things look great and the vibe is everything that you want from a salon, it's time for you to be judgmental again. Judge the hair salon staff and stylists on the way that they are interacting with their clients, as well as one another. If a hair stylist has a customer in their chair, watch how they communicate. If the salon isn't busy, watch how they interact with you. Judge them on everything because at the end of the day, you're putting your hair in these people's hands and you want to be sure that you can trust them. If you are getting a shady feel from their interaction, head back out that door and try out the next!

Once you have found a hair salon that is clean, glamorous and with great staff - it's time for you to eliminate the untalented. When trying out a new salon and/or stylist, you should always - always be given a hair consultation. You shouldn't have to ask for one either! Your hair salon stylist should want to know everything that you love and hate about your hair, how it sits, the texture of it, the style - everything. If you aren't offered a consultation - run before it's too late.

Choosing a hair salon is a life long decision. Once you have found the perfect one for you, you won't ever have to look again, so don't settle. It's not worth loosing your locks over, right? With these tips, you can find the perfect hair salon for you, without risking your luscious locks that you love so much.

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