Thursday, September 20, 2012

Halloween HAIR DOS!!

It is that time of year again when people will wear strange, frightening, and outrageous costumes to attend those Halloween parties. So many people spend loads of time fretting about what costume to wear that when it gets time to being dressed up many of them have completely forgot about one of their most important accessories – the hair on their head. Costume hair, whether it is your own or a wig, can really top off that fabulous costume.
Pirates and Gypsies

This hairstyle is a cinch no matter the color or length that you already have. The messier you can make it look, the better it works for the costume. Pull out the gels and waxes to emphasize your curls, and for women that do not have natural curls try the wet curl approach.
After washing hair, comb it to remove tangles and add a frizz serum. When it gets damp, add a curl mousse to it and scrunch the hair from roots to tips with your hand. This is best done with the hair flipped upside down. To give a little volume, set your blow dryer on low heat and with hair still flipped over blow dry the under part of the hair as close to the roots as possible. Flip hair over and scrunch it a little more on the top of the head. Add hairspray to give it hold.

The Dead and Zombies

Crimps, crimps, and more crimps. There is something about this style that just pops out when a face is covered in pasty white makeup. One great look has been to crimp part of the hair and straighten other areas of it so it is not all the same - probably to make it more dysfunctional looking.

Witches and Vampires

The thanks should be handed over to Elvira for making the bump in the back of the hair great for these types of costumes. The best way to style the hair while adding a little goth is to straighten all of your hair. When you have finished, take the top half and give it some volume by teasing. Some women now wear the “bump it” to give this look, but you can also use a barrette or bobby pins to hold the hair up like this. Leave hair around the face down to add to the sultry and gothic look. If you pull this hair up also try to make all of this hair have a pouf instead of just the back.
Superheroes, Mermaids, and Fairy Tale Characters

Long loose waves are the simplest and usually the most flattering look for many Halloween costumes on women – these in particular. This look is not hard to get with some big heat rollers or a two inch curling iron. Separate the hair to get all under layers then take a wide tooth comb to dull the curls into waves. Add some hairspray and the look is flawless.

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  1. I'm going to try the zombie style, because that will work best on natural African American hair.