Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fashionable TV Shows

I often find myself having to rewind whatever show i am watching because i get so focused on what the actor’s are wearing rather than what they are saying. Thank god for DVR! Can you blame me? I am sure I am not the only one with this problem..right? Well, I decided I would share my list of the most fashionable TV shows! Hope I didn’t miss any!

1.) Pretty Little Liars: – At often times I see myself focusing more on what the girls wear than what they do or say. Can you blame me? Packed with jewel-toned accessories and stunning dresses, this show is definitely one of the most fashionable shows I have ever seen.

2.) The Hills: -Of course we had to put this on the list! With cali-girl fashion and LA glam, this show displayed all spectrums of California fashion. And, Lauren Conrad was in it. Need we go on?

3.) Lipstick Jungle: Three New York City power-women in on-trend outfits made for a ultra glamorous yet too short season.

4.) Gossip Girl: -When a show centers on Manhattan life, there is a good chance you will see fashion, and a lot of it. Mixed prints, couture frocks and trendy heels bring as much drama as Blair and Serena’s peers do.

5.) Sex and the City: There was something for everyone in this dynamic foursome. Samantha, Miranda, Carrie and Charlotte were 4 very fashionable women who all had very different style. With high-end couture and sexy cocktail dresses, we would be fools not to acknowledge the impact this show made on the fashion world!

6.) Vampire Diaries: The men on this show aren’t the only fun thing to look at it. While the fashion on this show is more casual and centered around what actual high school students wear, it still incorporates the latest trends and fashions.

7.) New Girl: Alright, I may be al little biased on this one because I absolutely adore Zoe Deschanel but, her style combines with rest of the casts’ makes this a freakin fabulous half hour of television. I especially like that the show focuses on the fashion sense of the male characters. Men can be fashionable too!

8.) Desperate Housewives: Housewives can be hot too! The ladies of Wisteria Lane sure proved that. With Bree’s conservative dresses, Lanette’s mommy wear, Gabby’s sexy skirts and Susan’s casual t-shirts this show had a little something for everyone.

9.) 90210 How can a show about one of the most fashion forward zip codes in the country not make our list? “90210” displays the glam lifestyle and fashion sense of the in crowd from Beverly Hills.

10.) Keeping up with the Kardashians Love them or hate them, there is no denying this family’s impact in the fashion world. Their style embodies all things glamorous and fabulous and down right sexy.

Did I miss any? Let me know in the comments below and have a lovely day! (:

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