Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fashion Rules You Should Break

Are you still worried that the fashion police will fine you if you wear white after labor day or if you wear a short skirt after 35? Well, you can breathe easy my friend. Those rules are extremely outdated!

I have compiled a list of widely known fashion rules that you should break.

1.) Don’t Wear White After Labor Day
This rule is so outdated it’s not even relevant anymore. White looks amazing any time of the year. Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter. White goes great all year long. You can pair it with neutrals or bright colors and it will add a interesting pop to all of your favorite outfits. I promise!

2.) No Short Skirts After 35.
For petite women, above-knee skirts or dresses re the only way to pull off a dress without looking overwhelmed by fabric. While micro-mini’s are a huge mistake, a shorter skirt is just fine.

3.) No long hair after 40.
If your hair is luscious, shiny and healthy, why would you cut it off? Hair length should be based on personal preference, not your age.

4.) Don’t wear horizontal stripes.
Horizontal stripes get a bad rap for making women look shorter and broader, but when done the right way, they look great! Skinny horizontal stripes that are closely spaced together look good on any body type.

5.) Tattoos are for Kids.
Classy 60-something actress Helen Mirren sports a cool tattoo on her hand and same-age Susan Sarandon is also a proponent of late-in-life inkings. Tattoos have become mainstream and are a great way to express yourself, regardless of your age.

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  1. I wear short skirts. If you don't look old and you are in good shape, why not?