Monday, September 10, 2012

Fall wardrobe essentials

As the sun sets on summer and the season of exposed skin ends, many of us find ourselves in a panic over our fall wardrobes. Well, do not fret my dears! I have got you covered!

Planning your Fall wardrobe is not as difficult as it may seem. I know all the new trends and fads seem a bit overwhelming at first but just take a deep breath and relax as I walk you through it!

Research the new trends pick the ones you like.
            -A big mistake many people make is buying into all the “hot” trends. Just because something is “in”, does not mean it’s “in” for you. Make sense? Not all fashion trends are going to flatter every figure or fit into everyone’s definition of style. If you do not like a trend or do not find it flattering on your figure, skip it and move on to the next one. Your goal is to look good and feel comfortable in what you are wearing. For example, the peplum trend is not something I am quote fond of nor is it flattering on my body type. By narrowing down what flatters and what does not, you will find that shopping is not as overwhelming and your wallet is much happier!

Stock up on the basics.
            -I feel that this is the easiest step to follow and yet so  many people refuse to listen to me! Stocking up on solid colored tees, camis and long sleeves is going to save you time and money. Fall is all about layering. That trend will never go out of style. Basic items can range anywhere from $3-$100. Therefore, this is something that will definitely fit into everyone’s budgets. Layering a tank top with a long sleeve and throwing on a scarf will leave you looking sexy, chic and ready for fall! Yeah, it is as simple as that! Moreover, for those of you that are a little more fashion forward, adding some printed bottoms or sexy boots will give your outfit that little bit of flair that you die for!

When it comes to boots, think about comfort just as much as style.
            -I will be the first to admit that I have a closet full of neglected boots. I am a bit of a compulsive nut when it comes to boots. There are all so pretty! I must have them all! So I purchase them, wear the once, throw them in my closet and never wear them again. I should know by now that cute does not mean comfort buy I just cannot help myself! Boots speak to me. They all say “buy me, buy me!” How can I not?! Well, do not be me. Do not just buy a pair of boots because they look fierce as all hell. Try them on and walk around the store a few times before purchasing. If you’re not sure how comfort they will be for long term use, buy them and wear them around the house a few times to get a better feel for them. (Most stores will take shoes back if they have not been worn outdoors.) Remember, there is no point in owning a fabulous pair of boots if you are not able to show them off!

Do not splurge on trends.
            -I will be the first to tell you that most trends are NOT here to stay. They phase in and out. I have a closet full of animal print to prove it.. When it comes to trendy statement pieces such as specific prints and patterns, shop stores like Forever 21 to get them at affordable prices. That way it is not a huge loss when it phases out. If you’re going to splurge, I recommend splurging on items that you know will stay in style like, a good pair of boots, cardigans, coats, bags and blazers.

What do you consider essential?
            -Just because a magazine or a fashion website say’s something is a fall essential does not mean you need to consider it an essential item. Many people say a fur coat is essential. I think they are hideous. Most women do not dress like models. Life may be a fashion show and the world may be our runway but it does not mean we need to be prancing around in fur coats and 10-inch heels. Your wardrobe should be made up of items that you consider essential. For me, it is jeans, tights, boots, cardigans, blazers, relaxed fit tees and scarves. Yeah, I have a very relaxed style. Do not judge.

So, do not feel so overwhelmed! Staying fashion forward is not as overwhelming as you may think, is it?

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