Monday, August 13, 2012

Tips and Hairstyles for Air Dried Hair

Drying your hair on a regular basis can lead to unregulated hair damage. The problem with hair drying, however, is that your hair tends to dry with a mind of its own and this look can end up being unflattering. The good news is that there are a few tips that every woman can apply to her hair while it is air drying. This will help to create a look that does not come off as bed hair.
Use a Towel
After showering make sure to use your towel to your advantage. Blot your hair to remove the excess water. This should be done with care as hair is fragile. Do not rub towel but pat it on the hair as rubbing will cause extra frizz. Also, make sure not to wring the hair. This can cause damage to the ends.
Comb Wet Hair
First, only ever use a comb in wet hair – never a brush. Preferably use a wide tooth comb or even your fingers to comb out all of the tangles when hair is wet. This will keep it from being matted and a mess when it dries. It is even recommended to section off areas of the hair to let it dry quicker. Clips are a good idea for sectioning hair.
This is one of the biggest problems for air drying hair. It may be energy efficient and friendlier to your hair, but styling afterwards can be difficult. Straight, slick hair will not appear on any air dried head, but it is possible to offer a little style and body. When the hair is damp, braid it in either one long braid or section it off and braid a couple of strands. These are great before going to bed because you can wake up and have nice curly waves. Simply add a frizz or relaxing gel to the hair for the best outcomes.
Once your hair has dried, it is a very good idea to add a light leave-in conditioner to the hair. The type can vary depending on the type of hair. For instance, someone with thick and coarse hair could probably use a heavier conditioner such as Shea butter, but it is better for everyone to stick to a light spritzing conditioner. This will protect the hair from being weighed down.
Adding Hair Products
There are debates about when is the best time to add hair products to air dried hair. Some people like to add to damp hair, but others claim that it is harmful for hair to have anything added to it when it is still wet. However, this should vary by hair type. If you have fine hair, you might definitely want to wait until your hair is dry to keep the hair from feeling oily or pulled down. Someone with thick, coarse, or curly hair, however, would be benefited by adding a light product to prevent frizz and to add shine.
If you have curls, your best bet during the summer is to let it air dry. This keeps your hair from becoming dull and lifeless in the heat. Use a moisturizing shampoo followed by a decent conditioner. When the hair is damp add a frizz or curl-defining cream or gel. 

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