Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Strut with Stud

Unless you have been living under a rock this Summer, you have noticed that studs are everywhere! Bags, sunglasses, bracelets and shorts. At first, I did not know how to feel about this trend seeing as it is kind of “out there” however, it’s growing on me.

I feel like adding studs to a plain pair of denim shorts turns them into a real statement piece. For example; if I was to wear a plain black t-shirt with a pair of denim shorts, it would be cute but, if I wore the same shirt with studded denim shorts, my whole outfit would look 10 times cuter! It gives the illusion that I actually put some effort into my outfit when in reality, I didn’t. Ah! The power of fashion!

Another studded piece I love is studded jackets! I am well aware that it is still Summer and wearing a jacket could lead to my being admitted into the insane asylum however, Summer nights in California do tend to get a wee bit chilly. Studded jackets are perfect for those occasions. Throwing the jacket on top of a plain tee and pairing it with some sexy cut offs is great for summer nights. I also think these are going to be a HUGE hit when those leaves start to change colors in the fall. A studded jacket with dark washed jeans and some hot boots would make for a fabulous outfit! As if I wasn’t excited for the fall already!

Let’s get back to summer. Studded bags, bracelets and sunglasses are all great accessories to have in your collection for those days where your outfit is feeling a little plain. Adding a studded piece will give our outfit a slight edge. They will also help take your outfit from day, to night in a quick second.
Studs are also a huge hit among our favorite celebrities. Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez have been seen donning studded sunglasses and shorts over the past few months and they seem to be fans. This is a look that everyone can pull of and it’s a very effortless trend!

So, everyone’s doing it which means you should too. See, peer pressure isn’t always a bad thing (;

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