Saturday, August 11, 2012

French Fishtail Tutorial

It's a hairy situation - but a good one and a "must know" tutorial for anyone that loves looking fabulous and of course, you're one of those people, right? There are several reasons as to why I love this hair style, but the most important is how simple it is to do! And any hairstyle that can be perfected from home within minutes is a hair style that you're going to love rocking! Secondly, this hair style up do is elegant, yet fun and flirty. It's not to prim and proper, and it's definitely not too informal either. It's the perfect mix of the two so guess what, ladies? You guessed it! You can rock this up do from day to night - right from the boardroom to the bar. Amazing, right? Okay, so lets get started on the steps!

If you can do a fishtail braid, you're good to get going! However, if you don't know how to do a fishtail braid, do a little Internet search and you'll be mastering this braid within minutes.

The first step is to brush your hair back as if you were putting it into a pony tail, but let your strands fall onto your back, instead of pulling it up into an elastic.

Once you have brushed your locks backwards, part the back into two pieces to get started on your fishtail braid. Just like a french braid, you want to continue to grab pieces from the side to add into the two strands until all of your hair is pulled back into the braid. Continue the braid until you reach the bottom of your head, top of your neck and once you have done that, tie an elastic here to secure the braid.

Now it's time for you to continue the fishtail braid down the rest of your loose locks. Remember, fishtail braids look best when done loosely, so pull at the sides of the braid once you have completed it to loosen it up a bit!

Clip, clip, clip! Grab those bobby pins and start clipping your braid up into a bun, above where your first elastic was placed. Be sure to play around with different placements of the bobby pins for different looks, but whatever you do, make sure that elastic is covered! You essentially want the braid to fold up into a unique, braided bun, covering any visible elastics.

VOILA! Now your hair is pulled back from your face, and off your neck and is there any better hair style for summer other than one that keeps your fresh and flirty? It only takes minutes for you to create this adorable hairstyle and you're off to a sexy start of your day, and end of your day as well! A look that can go from day to night is one that every woman must know! Remember ladies, simple elements within your hairstyle create a simply fast and adorable do!

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