Friday, August 10, 2012

Choosing Pants that Compliment your Figure

Thank goodness that we are not in the 18th century and women are allowed to wear pants! I cannot imagine having to wear a dress every day, especially during the winter months. Pants are comfortable and now a days also very stylish. Choosing pants however can be difficult, some pants create love handles, others flatten the bum, and some are just too loose to give any definition to your body. Here are a couple of tips on how to select the right pants.

Tight Jeans:  When buying jeans you want them to give your bum and legs a nice shape, you want your jeans to hug your body, not squish you (especially if they are skinny jeans.) With jeans that are meant to be skin tight I would suggest getting a bigger size (this helps prevent love handles and allows you to breathe easier) and don’t worry they’ll still look tight, so it’s a win win situation.

Sweat pants:  Every woman I know owes a pair of sweats! They are the best and most comfortable type of pants ever invented. When selecting a pair of sweats I recommend to go with spandex, these type of sweats are comfortable, light, and flexible and they even highlight your features. So you can still manage to rock an outfit while at the gym or while out on a run.

Leggings: When selecting leggings make sure they fit right, in many occasions I have seen leggings that are too loose and tend to slip down (I can guarantee this will not only look bad but it will most definitely annoy you.) Leggings are meant to hug you all around and fit perfectly. They are one of the best things you can owe, they are as comfortable as sweats except that they are tight all around (in comparison to some sweats that is.) Leggings also go well with many different types of tops, cardigans, and blazers.

Dress pants: Now a day not everyone owes a pair of dress pants. Nonetheless they are good to have a round for an occasion or event. Dress pants are meant to be tight from the top and quite loose from the bottom. Again if the pants are very tight from the top try on a bigger size to prevent love handles. Make sure to wear a short top with these type pants as they are very stylish on their own (wearing them with a long top would not look good) These pant will compliment your figure by making you look taller and slim ( especially if you wear them with heels.)
            Aright ladies these are just a couple of tips on how to select pants, ALWAYS remember if your spending money  on pant they better not just make you look OKAY but FABOLOUS!

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