Thursday, August 9, 2012

Adding Some Edge To Your Do

  Summer is here (well for most of us anyway) and maybe you’ve been considering adding a little oomph to your tresses. There are several options available to you, ranging in permanence and in price. Let’s take a gander at the possible choices that fit your budget and what you desire.

Options for Adding Some color:
If you’re looking to SAVE, consider a store bought hair coloring option. These easy, do it yourself options iare a great way to try out colors without investing $100+ on a salon treatment.  Permanent hair dye store options run aplenty so you’re options are large and wide!

If you’re looking to SPLURGE, consider going to an upscale salon. These treatments can run anywhere from $100+ (considering the length of your hair and whether you are touching up, highlighting, or coloring a full head). However, the great thing about going to a salon is that the quality of the dye is great, someone is ensuring that the color is applied evenly and everywhere, and you have a professional that is mixing the dye to obtain the color that you desire.

If you desire a semi-permanent hair coloring, there are several in store options that is easy for your pocket and will SAVE you some money. Make sure to look at the package. The package will specify whether the dye is semi-permanent or permanent. The great thing about semi-permanent coloring is that this option is gentler for your hair and will not damage it as much. These tend to fade after 8-10 washes (however check the packaging again for specifications as each company provides different variations on coloring length).

If you’re looking to SPLURGE on semi-permanent hair coloring, consider extensions. These are temporary and can be removed at anytime. However, hair extensions are costly and some consider it to be damaging to your hair cuticle/follicle (if you choose to glue or weave them in). I’ve had hair extensions myself however they were very minimal and I took good care of them. These added a nice pop of color due to the hair extensions having great pigments (red, blue, blond, green, whatever your heart desires!) If you are looking for a less damaging option, consider a clip in hair extension that allows you to take them in and out daily.

How To Maintain Your New Color
If you’ve actually spent the money to color your hair and/or are looking to maintain that hue, consider investing in color protecting specific shampoos. Adding another $5-$15 to your shampoo budget will help you from spending another $100+ on redoing your color because it faded within a month or two. Spend smart, shop smart! Make sure that the shampoo you are purchasing mentions NO SULFATES as this speeds up fading. Some brands that are on the SAVE option are Quantum Preserva Color Preserving Shampoo or Revlon Professional Interactive Color Care Shampoo. If you can afford to SPLURGE a little, consider buying professional grade shampoos such as Bain De Terre Passion Flower Color Preserving Shampoo or S-Factor Tigi Color Savvy Sulfate-Free Shampoo.

Happy coloring!

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