Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Style Tips for Petite Women

Being 4’10 and curvy, I know how difficult it can be for petite women to find clothes that fit perfectly. Jeans are too long, shirts don’t fit right, mini skirts aren’t so mini. Trust me, I feel your pain ladies. You have to be careful and follow a specific set of rules when it comes to styling outfits. When you are petite, it is all about creating the illusion of more and less – more height and less bulk.
Dress in one color.
Dressing in one color will give the illusion of length because there is no top or end to your outfit. Dressing in one color from head to toe fools the eye into thinking you’re taller than you really are.
Wear clothes that fit.

Wear clothes that are fitted. Avoid baggy clothing and garments that have a lot of design ease because all of the extra fabric adds bulk and can make short women look heavier than they really are.
When it comes to stripes, stick to vertical.

Try to find clothing with vertical stripes. Vertical stripes will give you a slimming effect while horizontal stripes make you look wider and heavier.
Choose V-necks.

V-necklines aid in creating the illusion of height. The help elongate the torso and exposing the top part of your chest will   also help you look taller.
Wear high heels.

This should be a no brainer. It is the easiest way to add height. Pumps and sling backs are perfect, but avoid shoes with ankle straps. The strap breaks up the vertical line, and makes you look shorter.
Avoid oversized handbags.
Although over sized handbags hold our lives and look fabulous, they make you look a lot smaller. I’ve seen bags bigger than me. That’s when I know to stay away/ Try a smaller bag after all, less is more, right?
Skip the minis.

Skip the mini-skirts and mini dresses. Although minis look great on women with long, slender legs, they don’t have the same effect for shorter women. The hem of a mini-skirt worn by a petite woman falls across a thick part of the thigh, making it more noticeable and making shorter legs look even shorter.

I know, I know. Being short is not fair! However, it’s not our fault! All we can do is make the best of what we got, right? It’s all about illusions ladies!

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