Thursday, June 19, 2014

Bitten by the love bug...

Happy Thursday Dear Friends,
I’m just absolutely bitten by the love bug right now. Oh you know the feeling I am talking about! The irresistible need to skip, lightness to every step, head in the clouds. No? How about donning a foolish grin, randomly breaking out in dance, or fighting down the urge to just giggle out loud?

Yep. There it is! Take the next couple minutes and live in this feeling.

It’s no surprise that I’m feeling so very starry-eyed since my wedding is tomorrow!! YAAAAYY!!!! To help spread the cheer, I wanted to show you a marriage proposal that just warmed my heart.

Nicole and James' Proposal

Back story:  3 years of happiness for James and Nicole. While away in Germany, James, a true romantic at heart, contacted Rob Anderson, a Las Vegas magician, to create some magic and help him pop the question. By the way, how cool is this magician for helping him out?!


Nicole and her friends took a spontaneous vacation to Vegas. While shopping, her friends stopped by a magician’s street performance. Inviting Nicole to help him with his trick, Anderson perfectly executed the transition from his magic trick to James’ proposal. With some sweet words that, I’ll admit, had me shamelessly tearing up, James won over Nicole and everyone’s heart. What a beautiful moment to be able to witness.


Find the sweet video below:

Our A-typical Engagement

I always feel a bit embarrassed by own proposal but my fiancé definitely nailed it with the personal touch. Scroll below to hear about his unusual proposal:

On Christmas Eve 2012, my fiancé Nick and I were getting ready for bed after a very fun but long day of family. As we were getting ready, he asked if I wanted to play a couple rounds of Call of Duty. I’m a big gamer geek! Lol. We had a second system in our bedroom and we started the game up. While we were playing, I noticed that someone had logged into his screen name. We were currently logged onto mine. I was concerned at first because we had our credit card information on the server but Nick told me we’d take a look after the round. Of course right? The game is most important. And I of course agree wholeheartedly haha.

As we were playing, I then receive a message from his screen name. You should’ve seen me! I was so infuriated. Not only had someone hacked his account, but they were messaging his friends!!! Nick told me to check the message, but the game was still going. And if you go to check a message, you are still active in the game and can still be “killed”. So of course I couldn’t ruin my gamer ratio!!! Haha. I worked hard for that! I kept telling him, hold on, just wait until after the game. He kept insisting! Finally, I checked it and the message read, “Will you marry me?”

Awww right? Well I didn’t even connect the note with my fiancé. I actually yelled, “What kind of sick joke is this?!” I looked at my fiancé, who was wearing a huge grin, and that’s when it dawned on me. Light bulb! He took my hand, brought me out to our deck overlooking the backyard that was covered in Christmas lights, and proceeded to profess his love. Sigh… What a total gamer geek proposal heehee.

Note: His sister had logged into his account to send that message. THE WHOLE FAMILY WAS IN ON IT! I feel betrayed….

Share in our cheer

Anyways, I hope that your weekend is filled with joy. Please kiss your loved ones, whether it be your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, parents, friends or pets, celebrate my special day by celebrating your special people.

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