Saturday, June 21, 2014

Best Workout Hair Styles

When you're going out to work up a sweat, you want to look good, right? After all, you would look pretty foolish wearing a ton of makeup, so you really have to rely on your hair to make you look fabulous. Whether you're hitting the sidewalk for a jog or heading to a co-ed gym (that's where all the hot guys are, ladies) these hairstyles will keep you look fresh while you accentuate your fit lifestyle.
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Classic Pony Tail
This is a no brainer. The classic ponytail is ideal for the gym, zumba class or even one of those modern day pole dancing classes. To spice up the look, wrap a piece of hair around the elastic band to achieve that medieval - Sporty Spice ponytail, or tease the crown and bring your ponytail down to enjoy added volume.

Half Up Braids
This is one of the biggest fitness hairstyle trends right now. Instead of tying your hair up completely, pull the upper half of your hair to the back and braid it. This is perfect for less intense (less sweaty) workouts, as the majority of your hair remains down and you don't want your hair to be sticking to your sweaty neck or back. Gross.

If there is one thing you want from a workout hair regime, it's your hair out of the face. Twist your bangs back into a ponytail or french braid your bangs back on each side. You can go with a cornrow appeal, or a big, bulky braid. The options are truly endless with this fitness hairstyle.

Messy Bun With Accessories
Boom! This is our favorite one, isn't it, ladies? Instead of having that typically bun thrown on top of your head, spice it up with some accessories, or try a top knot instead of your regular. Pinning a large bow to the side of your bun keeps your hairstyle ideal for the gym yet cute and flirty for your personality and preferences!

Braided Madness
Sometimes you just don't want your hair swinging around or touching your neck at all. The last thing you want to worry about when you're getting your sweat on is hair sticking to you. Braids are the perfect hairstyle to get everything tucked in place. It can be a fishtail braid to the side, a french braid from the front to the back, a braided ponytail or so many other hairstyles. Just braid it to enjoy a hassle free, yet stylish workout.

Get rid of the straightener, hair curler and all other nonsense. Your hair is about to get sweaty and there is no point in looking like a polished princess in a gym. That's a huge fashion-fitness faux pas. Instead, keep it natural and gorgeous with these favorite fitness hair styles.

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