Saturday, May 17, 2014

How To Take Care of Your Hair in Chlorine Water

With the summer months quickly approaching (finally), you'll probably find yourself in a pool at some point in hopes of trying to cool off from the summer heat. However, you may not know that taking a dip in your backyard pool or at a pubic recreational center can not only cause damage to your skin but also to your hair as well. Have you ever heard of the theory that blonde hair can turn green from the chlorine in pools? Well, it's the truth - speaking from experience. Here are some ways to protect your hair in chlorine pools this summer, so that you never have to worry about a hair faux pas.

Wet it First
Think of your hair similar to a sponge - when you put a dry sponge in water, it soaks it all up, but when you put an already wet sponge in water, it only retains some of it. The same theory can be applied to your hair. Jumping in a pool with your hair completely dry will make your hair absorb more of that chemical-filled water. So, take the time to soak your hair prior to taking a dip to ensure that you are receiving the least amount of chlorine possible.

Braid It
I am not 100% sure why this works, but it is recommended by a lot of salons, hair stylists, bloggers and friends. Braiding your hair is said to to avoid absorption of the water more than if you were to throw your hair into a pony tail or to leave it down. This makes sense as a lot of boat ropes are braided. So, give yourself a quick french braid or pig tail braids prior to dunking in.

Don't Get Wet
While this can sometimes be hard to do, depending on who you are swimming with, avoid the damage that chlorine causes by simply not getting your hair wet. Throw your hair up into a high bun and keep your face above water. Although, it isn't sometimes as simple as this as there is splashing and waves and all sorts of other things that can make your hair wet, but it is definitely an idea.

Use Chlorine-Pool Hair Product
There are a variety of hair products that can be applied prior to jumping into a pool, as well as after - a prevention and treatment. Definitely take advantage of these, as they can be the surefire way to keeping the moisture in your hair without the chlorine.

These tips are extremely simple to follow and will save your hair from becoming dry and brittle. Swimming in a chlorine filled pool once in a while won't do much damage, but doing so often can absolutely make your hair pay the price.

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