Saturday, April 5, 2014

Top Benefits of Olive Oil

You've heard that natural oils are fabulous for your hair, but you find it hard to manage it into your budget on a constant basis. Well, I am here to release some incredible news for the frugal ladies. While there are certainly amazing products that incorporate natural oil into the mix, you can also find similar products right in your kitchen. In fact, it's probably in your kitchen right now! Olive oil is healthy for cooking, but it is also an incredible boost that can be applied to your hair care routine. Here are some of the best benefits!

Treat Your Dry Scalp
There is nothing worse than having a dry scalp which essentially results in dandruff. Gross, right? Since olive oil is a natural moisturizer, you can instantly start treating any dry scalp problems right now. When it is massaged into the scalp, it does all the fabulous things that special shampoos and conditioners do, only without any chemicals. Plus, you can use it as often as you need!

Tame Those Frizzes
Sometimes, it may seem like frizzy hair is inevitable. So, it is important to have an effective and affordable frizz-tamer because chances are that you'll be using a lot of it. As mentioned, since olive oil is a natural moisturizer, using it on your frizzy hair will tame those beasts while also adding moisture into your hair, which is the ultimate factor for created  frizzy hair in the first place. You can use the oil after styling, and enjoy the instant blast of control and style that it adds.

Adds Stunning Sparkle
Every lady needs some sparkle and shine, and adding olive oil into your hair will give it a natural boost of shine. It will only get better, because the healthier your hair, the more it shines, and olive oil will definitely repair and treat any of your hair flaws. You must proceed with caution because if you are loading any kind of oil into your hair, it can appear greasy. So, moderation is key. You can use it daily, but in small amounts.

Manage Your Style
With that said, since olive oil treats, repairs and maintains the healthy elements that your hair has, it is continually easier to manage your hairstyle. Your hair won't be limp or frizzy, dry or out of control. You can also use olive oil as a hot treatment which is also a type of deep hair repair therapy.

There are many more benefits that come from adding olive oil into your hair, so head on into your kitchen and see what it can do for you. As mentioned, there are many natural oils that are jut as amazing as olive oil. This is just one that the majority of people can find in their home at any given moment. Throw some oil in, but always remember that moderation is key.

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