Saturday, April 12, 2014

Life Saving Hair Tips

Every lady needs to have a set of hair tips that are total life-savers! Here are the best hair tips that you can rely on throughout your entire life!

Boom! There's no need for convincing with this life-saving hair tip, right? Pamper days are the best, so set aside a portion of your pamper day specifically for your hair. Give yourself a deep hair repair therapy session and enjoy the rejuvenation that your hair will be enjoying. You'll be looking fly, and pamper days always make you feel just as amazing, right?

Less is more for everything when it comes to your hair. Less heat, gives you more heat (literally) as it won't be breaking off due to damage, and less product gives you more style as too much can pull your hair down and make it dreary. Oh, and that's not to mention that too many products in your hair can make it smell, make it stick and worse, can make it extremely oily which is never a good look. So remember, less is more. A small glob is almost always suffice in the hair product world, and the less heat you're putting into your hair, the better.

If you are a snooze-button lover such as myself, then you need to embrace the messy look. Be careful though, because messy can look dirty if not done correctly. One of the easiest ways to achieve that messy hair style is to let your hair air dry! This is also a much healthier option for your hair. It needs a rest from all the heat, ladies! Although this may be against hair fashion rules, letting your hair air dry is also a great option to keep the moisture locked in your strands, but that's a no-no now.... Unless you want to wake up earlier and let's get serious, no one wants to do that.

The next hair life-saving tip goes hand in hand with the prior - the ladies who like to sleep in, or the ladies who like effortless yet flawless hairstyles. Braids are always trending, sometimes more than others. This means that you can always instantly give yourself a red-carpet ready look, or a chic casual hairstyle within seconds. If you don't know how to braid, youtube it! Braids are the easiest hair style that provide flawless style. Oh, and the varieties are even better!

I hate to say it, but the only way you are ever going to get rid of those split ends is to chop them off. While there are certainly products that can decrease the frizz and symptoms of split ends, they can't really 'sow' your hair strands back together. So, do not be afraid of trimming your hair. It will encourage your hair to grow faster and it will look much more fabulous!

Boom! Your hair life is going to be incredible from now on.

Photo Credit: The Luxe Maven

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