Friday, April 18, 2014

Short Hair Do's and Don'ts

Hello ladies, I hope you are all enjoying this Good Friday, and may you all be getting your diva on. For today's blog I want to quickly talk about what kind of styles work and don't work with short hair. Let's take a look.

Ombré: Okay, I'm all for colour. However, If you're hair is above your shoulders, I highly suggest you only dye it one colour. Dying it ombré while it is above your shoulder will not be the best outcome. Why do you ask? Well, ombré needs to gradually fade, and if you dye it near the top down it will just look like you have bad roots growing. We're not trees ladies.

For curly or Wavy: Okay, many of you might have notice this before of you have had short hair. However, if some of you are considering cutting your hair, also consider the following. If you're planning to cut your hair short (at the shoulders or above) for the spring, but your hair is not naturally straight, it will take you longer to get that hairdo look. However, having short hair is the best for blow drying/ straightening. And using a round brush it will create a volumous hair style. The best part of it all is that your hair will look shiny and healthy.

Curls: When it comes to curling short hair, I highly recommend using the big rollers. They give the hair and incredible amount of volume while leaving it at similar length. Smaller rollers tend to give your hair a tighter look and make it look significantly shorter. But to each their own, you can do either or.

Okay friends, there you have today's tips. I hope you all get to enjoy this long weekend with your loved ones. Don't forget to treat yourself. Have a great Friday night.

Photo Citation: syerasite. Katie- Holmes-Short-Hair. web.18 April. 2014

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