Monday, April 21, 2014

2014 Spring Hair Trends

If you are loving florals and feminine style for this spring season, then you are totally going to love the 2014 hair trends because they are just as chic and adorable. Oh, and it also helps that they can easily be pulled out! A flawless look that is fairly effortless? The perfect combination, right ladies? Here are the top 2014 hair trends that are perfect for kicking off this spring season with!

Messy Updos
Is there anything more effortless than a messy updo? The 2014 hair trends have really focused on a wind-swept appeal within the hairstyles. Whether you are putting your hair up into a pony tail or bun, make sure to leave the brush down and lift it up into a messy updo. Leave a couple pieces hanging down and let it be a little messy. You'll be pulling off this trend perfectly. Teasing your hair goes a long way with this look!

Double Textures
You usually pick a hairstyle that is either straight or curly,  but very rarely a combination of the two. However, it is different this season. Mix up your textures to get a runway look. Keep your roots straight and throw in a blast of curls at the bottom, or simply throw in some texture spray to bring in a little something-something.

Thick and Wild Braids
Braids are one thing that seems to always be in season, and this spring and the entire 2014 hair trends are all about the thick and wild braids. It's that messy look all over again. Keep your hair loose and let hairs stick out and pull in odd directions to achieve this hairstyle. You can braid your hair and then pull at it in different sections to ensure that the messy look is accentuated. Another idea is to crunch your hair prior to braiding.

Gold Accessories
Hair accessories aren't always popular, but they definitely are for this year. However, leave the scrunchies hidden and the plastic barrettes for the little kids. This season is accentuating gold accessories and accents for your hair. There are a variety of ways to play up this style, so channel your inner creativity and see what kind of gold elements you can throw into the mix.

Looping Pony Tails
Instead of simply throwing your hair back into a pony tail, you might want to add in some spins and twists because it is the go-to look for the year. Tucking your pony tail to the side or flipping it under is super haute to trot. Ordinary is not an option, and this is a fun, messy and innovative element to a classic hairstyle.

As you can see, the 2014 hair trends are loving the messy, effortless kind of styles this year! What is your favorite?

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