Friday, March 7, 2014

Voluminous Hair

        Hello, I hope you are all doing well this Friday. In today’s blog I want give you ladies some tips on how to obtain hair volume. I personally think volume does a lot of things for the hair; it makes it look natural, healthy, and beautiful. There are several ways to maintain and earn hair volume. Here are just a few ideas you can try out.

Blow Dryer: Okay, believe it or not, if you use a blow drier to straighten your hair you will earn a great amount of volume. All you need is a round brush, and they the blow drier. And all you need to do with the brush is loops, in other words, let the brush be your guide. At the end, if your sideburns are not as straight as you would want them to be, use the straightener.

Shampoo: If you are prone to having dull, and flat hair, buy something that is going to help you gain body and volume. Use shampoo that helps increase volume; also make sure the shampoo is sulpher free.

When Curling: I find that many times when women curl their hair the top part of their head is flat, while the rest is filled with volume. You’re probably wondering what I suggest. Well for starters I will say use the old fashion curls are the top, and use the heating rollers at the bottom. However, teasing the hair would work well too. It’s important, however, to make sure not to tease the hair so often because in actuality teasing the hair causes a lot of damage.

Products: in order to maintain a look, make sure to use all the right products. After having obtained hair volume use hairspray volume to hold the hair is place. Before styling, you may also want to use volumizing cream before styling.

Okay ladies, that are all have for today, I hope you all have a lovely weekend ahead of you. Have fun styling your hair.

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