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Trimming Your Hair Makes It Longer, Healthier and Much More Fabulous

The one reason you probably don't trim your hair as regularly as you should is because you want to grow it as long as possible. Every single girl has run into this dilemma more than once - that's for sure. Realistically, we our supposed to get our hair trimmed approximately once every 6 weeks. That sounds way too damn often, doesn't it? You're probably thinking how in the world is your hair ever supposed to get longer if you are constantly chopping off the ends. However, the truth might surprise you!

The Truth About Trimming
Trimming your hair regularly will actually make your hair grow longer. Now, I know. This sounds like an oxymoron, but cutting off the dead, dry ends will take the weight off of your locks and will encourage regrowth much quicker and healthier that if you chose not to get rid of those nasty, brittle ends. There is no reason as to why you should keep those split ends any longer. It's not making your hair grow, and it is actually encouraging the exact opposite.

How Much to Chop
While it definitely depends on how damaged your hair is, and how much you are willing to part with, it is recommended to trim approximately a half of an inch to a full inch off of your hair every 6 weeks. At the beginning, you may find yourself wanting to make a more dramatic trim - especially if it has been a long time since you took care of those ends. The more dead that you can get off, the better. If I have been lacking on my hair-trimming ways, when I finally get back on the train, i usually cut off an inch or two to start with. I know - it's a tough decision, but my hair (as will yours) looks much more fabulous getting rid of those ends. Then moving forward, I trim either a half or a full inch every 6 weeks until I get my hair restyled.

The Look Of Health
Of course, you are trying to grow your hair as long as it will possibly go, but I can not tell you enough how great your hair will feel once you have taken those nasty, brittle, dry, frizzy ends off. Your entire hair will look much more fabulous and it'll feel even better. That's also not to mention that an inch really isn't that large of a chop when you think about it. It might look like a lot of hair on the floor at the salon, but don't panic. It will make your hair appear longer because the frizzies weren't doing much for you length wise anyway, right?

Moral of the story? Trim your hair every 6 weeks. It will make your hair grow longer, so you can no longer use that as an excuse. Keep your hair healthy, and you'll love it much more!

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