Saturday, March 15, 2014

Factors That Increase Hair Loss in Females

As a female, we often focus on things to make our hair more beautiful through style, cut, dry, and dye. However, we very rarely touch the subject about hair loss and the chances are that we avoid this subject because no female every wants to think bout the idea that we could actually experience hair loss. It's a treacherous idea, isn't it? While I don't want ot scare you, I do want to do just that all at the exact time. Scaring you into the truth about hair loss may encourage you to take better care of your hair moving forward. Here are the things that increase your risk of experiencing hair loss.


This is definitely one of the biggest factors of hair loss. If one or both of your parents have hair loss, you have a high chance of experiencing it as well. This risk factor is called 'inherited tendency' and basically falls on your parents and what is going on with them. Blame it on the 'rents!

Disease or Illness

While hair loss is almost always unfortunate, experiencing it as a result of a disease or illness.  Such diseases and illnesses that can cause hair loss include; ringworm of the scalp, thyroid diseases such and lupus. In addition, there are a variety of treatments and medications, such as chemo for cancer, that can result in hair loss as well.


Oh, age. As if it doesn't ruin enough for you already, right? I know - it's not a very optimistic way to think. Unfortunately, it is the reality. The older you get, the more hair loss you experience. How much is determined by the other factors that have been mentioned in this article. Hair loss has typically already began by the age of 50. Again, this also depends on the other elements mentioned.

Hair Care and Styling

This is one factor for hair loss that you actually have control over. All of the other ones, you can't control. This one - you can. The way you care for your hair and style it will drastically change the way that your hair feels, looks and maintains over the years. Take a look at your regular hair care routine. Do you use generic shampoos and conditioners that have no added value? Hair irons? Do you blow dry your hair on a daily basis? These are all elements that will significantly increase your risk of experiencing hair loss, which is why it is so important to properly care for your hair from the getgo.

While there are 3 factors for hair loss that you can't control, the one that you do have control over is a big one and will significantly play a part in the way that your hair ages with you over the years. Always steer clear of harmful ingredients, and decrease the damage you subject it to.

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