Friday, September 6, 2013

Makeup Removers

         Hello ladies, I hope you all had a good work and/ or school week. School started for me this week so I’m trying to get used to my new schedule and manage time as best as I can...but then again, aren’t we all? But enough of that, today I want to focus on makeup removers. If you haven’t yet noticed, a lot of the time when one doesn’t remove the makeup from the night before the skin begins to look oily and sometimes pimples or zits appear. This occurs because we are unintentionally clogging up our pores by not rinsing off our face. And I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t like waking up with pimples or an oily face. So, what type of make removers are there?

Towels Wipes: Alright, I’m not sure how many of you have seen these wipe like makeup removers. Let me tell you that I have tried them and they are amazing, especially when you’re really tired or lazy to remove your makeup. They are wonderful to even keep by your bedside. Make it a rule to  at least wipe your face clean before going to sleep. I promise you won’t regret it. For those ladies that have sensitive skin I suggest buying the wipes from Aveeno, as they are very gentle on the skin. 

Water Based Makeup Removers: Alright, with water based makeup removers it is very easy to remove the makeup. In fact I could argue that most people use this type of remover. The reason why people like it some much is because it doesn’t leave the face oily or dry. In fact this type of makeup remover only requires cotton pads and the solution itself. All one is required to do is wipe the face thoroughly. This solution has the perfect balance for most skin types.

Oil Based Makeup Removers: Okay, when it comes to oily makeup removers one must be really careful. They work great in removing the makeup. However, since it’s oil we’re talking about it can make the skin very greasy. For this particular reason I highly suggest to only use oil makeup remover if you suffer from dry skin; this will make sure that your skin gets the extra moisture it needs. On that note, I should also let you guys in a little secret. Believe it or not, you may use virgin olive oil to remove your makeup. If you decide to try it out, I suggest using just a little bit, and then rinsing your face off with some water. I have tried it myself and the results are pretty fair.
         And that brings us to the end of our blog. I hope you all find the right type of makeup remover for your skin type. May you all have a great weekend ahead and get some rest, until next time. 

Photo Citation: Ayesha.6 Natural Makeup Removers.ayeshablog.6 September 2013 

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