Monday, September 2, 2013

Bringing Back the Fashion



               Happy Monday everyone, I hope you had a fun weekend. And for those of you who have a labour long weekend, keep resting and having fun. In today's blog discussion I want to focus on particular clothing items that were once a hit, but faded, and are now back in style. Let's take a look at some of these items.
High Waist Pants and Shorts: Okay, I'm not sure if you ladies have noticed   but the high waist pants and shorts are coming back. The last couple of times I've gone shopping, I've seen a lot more of these items. Personally I think they are very stylish, and can complement any figure. And if you feel like you have a little bit of a tummy, they are great for hiding that too.
Long skirts: Alright long skirts have been quite a hit this summer. I've seen so many women wearing them. If you would have told me a few years ago to wear a log skirt, I would have said no way. It was all about the miniskirts and the jean skirt. But now long skirts are the thing to owe. I have seen some long skirts that have a combination of both, the mini skirt underneath and a transparent long skirt as the top layer. I find this particular skirt to very stylish, as it’s a combination of the mini skirt and the long skirt.
Print Pants: I'm sure you ladies have seen the new type of prints that are out there. They are now available in pants too. The nice thing about these pants is that you can get them in jean material or in soft fabric. I personally really like the ones that are made from soft fabric; I think the print work better there.
Bandeau like Shirts: Okay ladies, I’m certain some of these bandeau like shirts have caught your eye. They show a little bit of the belly, and are very stylish during the summer. If you want to be a little more conservative and want to really bring the fashion back, wear these shirts with the high waist pants or shorts.  This is a great look and a lot of women can pull it off. You can also make this look more sophisticated by throwing on a blazer and wearing heels.
                There you have it ladies, today’s blog with yesterday’s fashion trends. Don't be scared to try these looks out, just go for it. The beauty of fashion is that it always comes back.

Photo Citation: Urzone_my Faor Lady. Aliexpress. 2 Sept 2103

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