Friday, September 27, 2013

Cross and Skulls

 Skull Cross Scarf

Hello ladies, I hope you all had a wonderful week. But may your weekend be even better. For today's blog article I want to discuss cross and skull designs. During the summer it was all about the floral designs and the bright colours. Coming the fall the whether beings to cool; which means the wardrobe must also change. Lately, crosses and skulls have been a hit. Some of these designs were even seen during the summer, but I have a feeling the will be even more popular in the fall.
Infinity Scarfs: Okay, do you all remember the long warm wool scarfs? Those are back! However, there are more infinity scars made out different materials, and some even have designs of skulls and crosses. They are very cute and juvenile. Aside from keeping you warm they make great accessories, and give your overall look more personality.
Sweaters: Alright, cardigans have been a hit for a long time. They are very convenient because they look good with just about anything. What about sweaters? Sweaters are super cozy to wear during the fall. What's great about some of the sweaters that are coming out is that they have really cool cross or skull designs. They are no longer just plain old sweaters. I personally love red and gold together, so last time I saw a red sweater with a gold cross design I thought it was super cute.
Flats: Okay, I know these are not necessarily fall shoes, but they could be if it's not raining and not to cold out. Anyways, flats that have skull designs are very styling, especially when your outfit is a bit plain. Leave it to the shoes to make it all better.
Accessories: Accessories are essential in any part of the year. They complement the look in so many different ways. Two really awesome accessories I have seen are rings and necklaces. I think the shiny looking skull leaves quite an impression when it's hanging around your neck. When it comes to the rings, it's a different story. I love the two finger ring, especially in the shape of a cross. It really leaves a statement.
Okay ladies, those are all the things I have to say for today. I hope you all have a wonderful and cozy Friday afternoon. Have an awesome weekend. 

Photo Citation:VanityKills. ShopVanityKills.27 September 2013.

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