Friday, July 19, 2013

Diet and Alternatives

 woman eating a healthy diet

        Hello again ladies, I hope you all got through all the weekly challenges, and may you all have a fantastic weekend. I'm certainly looking forward to this weekend. Anyways, for today's blog I want to focus on dieting and alternatives. I honestly can't say I diet, I love food, and I enjoy it to the fullest. And that ladies is how it should be, we should all be able to enjoy our food. It's just about making the right choices and keeping our portions in check. Let’s take a look at some things one can do to stay in line.
Work Out: Go to the gym, or go out for a run. Do some type of physical activity during the week. Not every work out has to be at the gym, especially on hot summer days. Go enjoy the trails and go swimming. Swimming is one of the best exercises you can do, it works on the entire body, and as a bonus you can even do some water work outs.
Juicing/ Milkshakes: Always make sure you have something in your stomach ladies, and try substituting a meal for some juice. Now I'm not talking about just any juice, I'm talking about natural homemade veggie and fruit juice; they are the bomb! If you’re hungry before bed, it's never good to go to sleep on empty stomach, so, make yourself a healthy milkshake. In doing this, you know your stomach will be happy throughout the night. Just give it a shot and let me know how it works.
Meals: Meals are an important part of the everyday life, and they form a huge part of your diet. In other words, they either make you or break you. So ladies, try eating things that are good for your body and things that you will benefit from. Avoid a lot of salt consumption; eating salt makes us retain a lot of water, which therefore makes us look a little more blown up and a little heavier. Besides avoiding salt consumption, what else can you do? Well ladies think about portions, eat a little bit of everything in a moderate amount. Avoid having huge meals, it’s best if you have little meals every couple of hours, and have some healthy snacks in between.
      Okay friends, there you have it, I hope you liked these suggestions. Remember the saying, "You are what you eat."  It has a lot of truth to it, so eat right and be active. You don't have to work out super hard to have big muscles and a ripped body; you just have to work out enough so you can maintain yourself in good shape and feel comfortable with your body. Having a cheat day, in where you can whatever you want is always a good idea. I’ll leave you with that final thought, have a lovely weekend. 

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