Saturday, June 15, 2013

Three Secrets to Thick, Shiny Hair

Certainly you have wondered how to get thick, shiny hair without having to put a mortgage payment down for some hair extensions. Au natural is always better, and much more affordable. Since the summer is here and the heat is about to suck the lusciousness right out of your strands, there's no better time to get started on adding the lush back into those bad boys. Here are the secrets that couldn't be preached more than enough. These will absolutely save your strands while adding a dose of shine and thickness.

Deter the Dryness
The shampoo and conditioner that you use can play a huge part in the lushness of your hair, so the shower is definitely is the first place you need to start when trying to add in an extra bit of shine and thickness. Sulfate free shampoo and conditioners can be found at your local drugstore for a reasonable price, or you can go with a prestigious brand that costs you a bit more. Either way, if it's sulfate free, the products should deter drying out your hair.

Add In a New Dose
Once you have started to practice the whole entire shower process of not drying out your hair, it's time for you to add the extra lush back into it. It can't be said enough. Natural oils will totally add the shine back to your hair, while promoting longevity which allows thicker hair to grow. A favorite is definitely Moroccan oil and it's actually fairly affordable amongst the bunch. You can opt for a variety of products that include such oils to really add in the shine and thickness you desire. Everything from shampoos, styling products, leave in conditioners and deep therapies can be found with oils added.

Deter More Dryness
The last secret you need to know is to ditch the hot irons! It's the summer, ladies! Why would you even bother to fry those ends, only to have the humidity totally blow it all up with frizz as soon as you step out of your front door? That's not to mention that with the sweat and beach days, your hair is going to be relaxed and lazy anyway, so just let it be that way as soon as you wake up. Get rid of the heat. Your hair will already be getting a lot of it. On the contrary, take advantage of the nasty humidity and let it blast your hair up from the roots. Use some sleeking oils to calm down the frizz and you have instant thickness. Humidity isn't the bad of all evil when you know how to tame the beast.

These three secrets will help you add in shine and thickness to your hair throughout the summer months. They're easy to do, affordable and well, you really have no excuse not to practice these. Unless you want to have your hair fall off, practice these like the 10 commandments that were instilled into you at a young age.

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